'1923': Western series with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren starts


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"1923": Westernserie mit Harrison Ford und Helen Mirren startet
Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren cut an excellent figure in typical western costumes. © James Minchin III/Paramount+/Viacom International Inc., SpotOn

From the 'Yellowstone' creator

Set in 1923, the western series '1923' unites the superstars Harrison Ford (80) and Helen Mirren (77) for the first time in a modern series project. Behind '1923' is series creator Taylor Sheridan (53). The American, who lives on a ranch himself, first became known as the screenwriter for the hit films 'Sicario' (2015), 'Hell or High Water' (2016) and 'Wind River' (2017, also directed) before he started working with 'Yellowstone' (since 2018) landed a huge series success in his home country.

The modern-day western series with Kevin Costner (68) in the lead role of John Dutton is now getting its second offshoot in series form with “1923” – after the prequel show “1883” (2021-2022).

That's what '1923' is about

In 1923, husband and wife Jacob (Ford) and Cara Dutton (Mirren) ran Yellowstone Ranch in rural Montana. The Dutton rancher family faces multiple threats and dangers. The entire state of Montana is in an economic crisis while Prohibition reigns and locusts graze the pastures so important for cattle breeding.

Together with his cowboys, Jacob Dutton tries to lead his farm animals to higher pastures in the mountains, but comes into conflict with sheep farmers for Scottish immigrant Banner Creighton, played by 'Game of Thrones' star Jerome Flynn (60). . After a murderous argument, he seeks help from the wealthy businessman Donald Whitfield (ex-James Bond Timothy Dalton, 77), who then helps Creighton financially.

Meanwhile, Jacob Dutton's foster son Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) has experienced the horrors of World War I on the front lines, and a few years later hires himself out in colonial Africa as a hunter of lions and other big cats. Deeply traumatized by his war experiences, Spencer Dutton tries to drown his memories in alcohol when he meets the young British noblewoman Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer, 28).

The American native Teonna (Aminah Nieves), on the other hand, stays involuntarily in a Catholic boarding school, where she is beaten up in class by the vengeful nuns and suffers from the almost limitless racism of the white immigrants.

The actors and their roles

'1923' comes up with an illustrious acting ensemble, from which, of course, Indiana Jones and Han Solo actor Harrison Ford as well as Oscar winner Helen Mirren stand out. In fact, '1923' is the first series project by superstar Ford, who can now also be seen in the comedy series 'Shrinking' (which started later in the USA) on the Apple TV+ streaming service.

Mirren, on the other hand, previously starred in the historical miniseries Catherine the Great (2019). The two stars now appear together for the first time in a modern hour-long drama series, impersonating the ancestor of John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner in 'Yellowstone.'

In addition, '1923' offers a reunion with former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton, who played 007 in the 1980s in 'James Bond 007 - The Living Daylights' (1987) and 'License to Kill' (1989). In '1923' viewers experience Dalton as an economic intruder from the eastern United States who wants to buy up the cattle ranchers' so valuable land in the name of progress and development.

'1923' also offers a reunion with 'Game of Thrones' star Jerome Flynn, who embodied the warrior Bronn in the grandiose fantasy series that ended in 2019, one of the few characters for whom the conclusion of the story meant a happy ending. In '1923', the striking actor now plays a hot-headed shepherd who gradually gets to know the conveniences of modern times such as running water and electricity.

Other iconic actors such as 'Terminator 2' antagonist Robert Patrick (64) or 'Fargo' star Peter Stormare (69) can be seen in smaller roles and complete the impressive ensemble of actors from '1923'.

That's why '1923' is worth seeing

'1923' offers viewers the perfect introduction to the 'Yellowstone' series universe. It is not necessary to have previously seen the other two series '1883' and 'Yellowstone'. In '1923', series creator Sheridan once again creates a story about a large family dynasty against the backdrop of the breathtaking landscape and raw nature of Montana.

Coherent color of the times

While the cowboys in the mother series 'Yellowstone', which is set in the present, are already on the road in pick-up trucks, the skeptical, value-conservative Dutton family in '1923' still resists the ubiquitous progress that is being made in the form of cars, electricity, running water, washing machines and refrigerators are beginning to take hold in Montana. Cattle herding also seems antiquated by 1923, and many drovers have left the state to seek their fortunes in California.

In contrast to the parent series 'Yellowstone' or the first series prequel '1883', '1923' also offers a storyline set in colonial Africa, at the center of which is the war veteran Spencer Dutton. Thus, for the first time, a show from the 'Yellowstone' series universe takes place on two continents - and Spencer's adventures in Africa and later on the high seas sometimes feel like a completely different series.

All three series - '1883', 'Yellowstone' and '1923' - share the underlying understanding of violence and brutality that is so central to Sheridan's work. The numerous acting stars such as Ford, Mirren or Dalton fit seamlessly into Sheridan's dense, gripping story and cut an excellent figure in their old-fashioned Western garb.

A second season of '1923' consisting of eight episodes has already been ordered.

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