2 big errors discovered in Prince Harry's book 'Spare'!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Prince Harry's autobiography: Passage about Queen Mum raises questions
Prince Harry's autobiography has caused a stir around the world. © imago/Paul Marriott, SpotOn

Do the sometimes serious statements, accusations and descriptions of Prinz Harry (38), whom he lets off the leash in his autobiography 'Spare', all of them in reality? Millions of people are asking this question right now, not just in the UK. However, some passages in the book apparently cast doubt on Harry's credibility and could contain demonstrable errors.

Did Prince Harry make a mistake in 'Spare'?

It's about a supposedly harmless passage in which Harry describes how he remembers the death of his great-grandmother, Queen Mum (1900-2002). He is said to have found out about it while he was at Eton, Berkshire, UK boarding school. “At Eton, when I was studying, I took a phone call. I wish I could remember whose voice was on the other end of the line. A court official, I think,” is quoted from Spare. 'I remember it was just before Easter. The weather was bright and warm, light pouring through my window in vivid colors. Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother has died.”

Ski vacation instead of school desk?

The problem: All reports from that time seem to show that Prince Harry was not in Great Britain at all when his great-grandmother died, but with his father King Charles III . (74) and his brother Prince William (40) on a skiing holiday in Switzerland. A picture that allegedly shows the three after their joint return to Great Britain on March 31, 2002 should also prove this.

In addition, the anniversary of Queen Mum's death, March 30, 2002, was an Easter Saturday and the school was therefore very likely to have been closed anyway. All of this allows for the perfectly valid reflection: 'If there are inconsistencies about where he was when he found out about the death of his great-grandmother, it raises questions and concerns about whether there are other inconsistencies in this book.'

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His mother's last gift - an Xbox?

Also the alleged last birthday present from his mother Diana (1961-1997) to him raises this question. For Harry's 13th birthday in 1997, just two weeks after his mother's death, he was given an Xbox, according to 'Spare'. According to “Mirror”, this is his Lots of Sarahs (67) who told him that Diana had bought the game console for him in Paris shortly before her death. However, at that time there was no Xbox, Microsoft's first console did not come onto the market until 2001. (spot on news / well)

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