'2 in a million': When the parcel carrier wins the lottery


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"2 unter Millionen": Wenn der Paketbote im Lotto gewinnt
'2 under a million': parcel carrier Henry (Oliver Mommsen) and his colleague Mona (Nadeshda Brennicke). © ARD Degeto/Boris Laewen, SpotOn

With Oliver Mommsen

Luck in the game is followed by bad luck in love - that's what parcel delivery man and hobby horse whisperer Henry Lafers (Oliver Mommsen, 53) finds out in the television comedy '2 under millions' (13.1., 8:15 p.m., the first) by director Matthias Tiefenbacher ( 60, 'extra class').

That's what '2 in a million' is about

What hurts more: losing your wife to someone else after 21 years of marriage - or having to share a lottery win with her after the breakup? Disappointed courier Henry does not want to give up half of his unexpected wealth in the event of a divorce. And so he tries - but only on paper - to save the marriage, while his wife Ellen Lafers (Jule Böwe, 54) wants to make a clear cut when starting over.

Daughter Flo Lafers (Anna-Lena Schwing, born 1996), who needs money for a journalism school, knows nothing about his new wealth, neither does his best friend Mehmet Buballa (Kailas Mahadevan). She doesn't like the fact that Henry doesn't play with his 'favorite colleague' Mona Kubelik (Nadeshda Brennicke) with open cards. Suddenly she no longer recognizes Henry, for whom she feels more than just friendship.

Ellen is also surprised when she learns that Henry, who was chronically exhausted, bought a horse from a professional racing stable. where does the money come from While it becomes increasingly difficult to keep his secret, he works on his dream: his horse should win the German Grand Prix. And to make it work, Henry relies on his maxim: believe in losers too...

That makes the film worth seeing

On the one hand, the story makes the film worth seeing, because who hasn't thought about winning the lottery? In this sense, it is exciting to see what the parcel carrier Henry does with the surprising windfall. Will he get weak and blow it all up? Or maybe nothing happens at all because he just puts the profit in the bank? It's a story about small and big dreams that change life when they surprisingly come true - that much can be revealed.

Of course, the actors also make the film worth seeing.

Oliver Mommsen's dream has come true after leaving 'Tatort' (2001-2019), because since then he has appeared in countless different films and roles. In an interview with spot on news in 2020, he said: 'Being able to play as many different roles as possible after the end of 'Tatort' was exactly what I always wanted: a variety. I didn't have per something against the 'crime scene'. I just had the feeling that it's such a big, strong, single, clear brand, but I want to remain a quick-change artist,' says Mommsen. And in '2 among millions' there is even a real kissing scene for the former Bremen 'crime scene' commissioner, who will be celebrating his 54th birthday in a week.

And what would Oliver Mommsen do if he hit the jackpot? 'First of all, take care of the family, so that the children have good 'start-up capital', for example. Buy a few great gifts and surprise a few people and otherwise I would continue as I am now nothing,' the actor told the broadcaster.

And actress Nadeshda Brennicke is always welcome. Most recently, she was part of the Meret Becker farewell thriller 'Tatort: ​​The girl who goes home alone' (2022) as a detective director. In 'Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarfs' (2019) she showed herself as a queen and stepmother from the evil side. In the opening film of the successful Eberhofer crime film adaptations, 'Dampfnudelblues' (2013), she played the mourning Angie. And in the biopic 'Banklady' (2013) the title role, Germany's first female bank robber Gisela Werler (1934-2003). The artist, who has received multiple awards, including the Adolf Grimme Prize, started her career with the feature film 'Manta - Der Film' (1991). It received the FBW rating of 'valuable' and was released four weeks before 'Manta, Manta' (1991).

Nadeshda Brennicke also has an idea of ​​what she would do if she won millions: 'I was helped by friends when life wasn't so generous with me. In this respect, the first thing I would try is to give other people money. To a certain extent I already do. It gives me great pleasure to help out those around me when I have the opportunity. I wish I could do a lot more,' said the actress.

A small discovery in '2 among millions' - at least for those who did not know her - is Mommsen's film daughter Flo Lafers. She is played by Anna-Lena Schwing. Born in Bremen, she gained her first acting experience in front of the camera in 2013 in the TV series 'Die Pfefferkörner'. This was followed by roles in early evening series and crime series. Her filmography also includes international productions such as 'In Your Dreams - Sommer ohne Eltern' (2014) and 'Sløborn' (2020) or the docudrama 'Die Borgward Affair' (2018), the drama series 'Friedmanns Vier' (2021) and Bjarne Mädels (54) award-winning surprise hit 'Sörensen hat Angst' (2021).

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