20 years Charlotte Lindholm: Nine facts about the Furtwängler 'crime scene'


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  20 years of Charlotte Lindholm: Nine facts about the Furtwängler"Tatort"
Charlotte Lindholm aka Maria Furtwängler in her latest 'Tatort: ​​Revenge on the World'. © NDR/Christine Schroeder, SpotOn

'The Revenge on the World'

Her current case 'The revenge on the world' is a double anniversary for the actress Maria Furtwängler (56): Overall, she slips into her prime role of Commissioner Charlotte Lindholm for the 30th time. In addition, her debut film 'Lastrumer Mixture' will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022. It's high time to revisit your previous films. What was your most successful film? When did it get really erotic? And how is the role going?

Charlotte Lindholm's first case

Maria Furtwängler appeared for the first time in her star role as Charlotte Lindholm on April 7, 2002. At that time, she was investigating the 'Lastrumer Mixture' case. A man was poisoned and a sworn village community had quickly found the alleged culprit: his Filipino wife Maria. However, Lindholm kept the overview, finally determined the real killer and then convinced the audience from the first second.

Charlotte Lindholm's best Fall

In fact, the best case is actually two cases. In 2006 and 2007, Maria Furtwängler was not only praised by the vast majority of critics for her portrayal of Charlotte Lindholm, but was also awarded what is probably the most important prize in the German TV landscape: for her performances in the two 'Tatort' films 'Pauline' and 'The Nameless Girl' received the German Television Award.

Charlotte Lindholm's most popular Fall

After the Münster episodes, the 'Tatort' editions with Charlotte Lindholm are considered to be absolute quota guarantors. More than nine million people tune in regularly when the investigator starts work. Furtwangler's most successful appearance to date was in the film 'The Golden Band' with 11.02 million viewers. The episode aired in December 2012 was the second part of a double episode. A week earlier, the associated first film 'Disposable Girls' attracted 10.67 million people in front of the TV sets - second place in the Lindholm ranking.

Charlotte Lindholm's most extraordinary case

In 2016, Maria Furtwängler received a special honor. At the side of her Kiel colleague Axel Milberg in his role of the odd commissioner Klaus Borowski, the actress was allowed to take over the leading role of the crossover episode for the 1000th episode of 'Tatort'. In the anniversary episode 'Taxi to Leipzig' (titled after the first 'crime scene' from 1970), the former inspectors Hans Peter Hallwachs, Günter Lamprecht and Karin Anselm also appeared in their old roles as retired investigators.

Charlotte Lindholm's controversial case

Charlotte Lindholm made it into the illustrious circle of the so-called poison cabinet episodes. These episodes will no longer be repeated after causing controversy. The 'To Whom Credit Belongs' case of December 23, 2007 is one such. In the film, a family of Alevi faith is portrayed as incestuous. After a few days after the first broadcast around 300 Alevis demonstrated in front of the ARD studio in Berlin, 30,000 people took to the streets in Cologne on December 30 against the film. Even the then Federal Foreign Minister and current Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (66, SPD) warned: 'Screenwriters and artists must know: Respect, prudence and caution are required towards people's religious feelings, regardless of their belief .'

Charlotte Lindholm's cress ester Fall

The film 'Der Fall Holdt' was broadcast on November 5, 2017 - a turning point in Charlotte Lindholm's career. In a kidnapping case, the investigator focuses on the husband as the perpetrator and later murderer of his wife. A supposed proof turns out to be wrong in hindsight. During an interrogation, Lindholm puts the suspect under massive pressure so that he collapses mentally. A little later he hanged himself in his cell. The case was never officially resolved, and Lindholm was then transferred from Hanover to the supposed province of Göttingen as a punishment.

Charlotte Lindholm's erotic fall

Charlotte Lindholm and the men - the love life of the investigator is also discussed again and again. The divorced power woman hasn't found the right guy by her side to this day. For a long time, it was thought that she had arrived: she had a relationship with the journalist Jan, played by Benjamin Sadler, that lasted for several episodes. Things got down to business for the first time in the episode 'Schwarze Tiger, Weißen Löwen' in December 2011. In an interview with the 'Bild' newspaper at the time, Furtwängler said that she indulged in the shooting of the fantasy of 'the most sensational sex of my life ' to have.

Charlotte Lindholm's worst case

On Boxing Day 2021, Charlotte Lindholm had a difficult time. Her 'crime scene: everything comes back', with Udo Lindenberg in a guest role, had to hold its own against a 'dream ship' edition. The last Furtwangler 'crime scene' up to 'Die Rache an der Welt' managed to do this and achieved a higher market share than the competition. In the end, only 6.72 million viewers remained. To date, the weakest value for a thriller with Charlotte Lindholm - at least in absolute numbers.

Charlotte Lindholm's next case

After the 'crime scene' is before the 'crime scene'. This also applies to Maria Furtwängler and Charlotte Lindholm. A new case is already in the pipeline. The crime thriller from Göttingen, which has the working title 'The Dark Side of Love', was penned by screenwriter Stefan Dähnert, of all people. Dähnert was also responsible for the highly acclaimed and successful double episode 'Wegwerfgirl'/'Das goldene Band'. According to media reports, shooting should start in November 2022, and broadcast is planned for the second half of 2023.

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