'A mistake!' Prince Harry watched his Meghan having sex


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  Duchess Meghan put her acting career on hold for Prince Harry
Duchess Meghan put her acting career on hold for Prince Harry. © dpa, Rolf Vennenbernd, in wst where

get these pictures Prinz Harry (38) out of his head! Before his current wife Duchess Meghan (41) gave him the yes word she worked as an actress . Among other things, the American stood in front of the camera for the lawyer series “Suits” – and things often got pretty hot there. In his memoir 'Spare' Harry now admits that he regrets watching his loved ones' sex scenes.

'I witnessed her and her series partner attacking each other in some office'

Googling before the first date – now standard for many people looking for the right partner. Prince Harry also now openly admits in his biography that he looked online during the introductory phase to see what his then new flame Meghan was up to. Literally.

Unsurprisingly, he came across sex scenes from the former actress, who starred in the series Suits from 2011 to 2018. In her role as attorney 'Rachel Zane,' Meghan had a hot affair with her colleague Patrick J. Adams (41) aka attorney 'Mike Ross' . 'I witnessed her and her partner on the series attacking each other in some office,' Harry said. A mistake, as the prince says today: 'I didn't really have to see things like that.'

The 38-year-old apparently found it difficult to shake off the trauma of seeing his loved one in an intimate moment with another man. In his book he therefore writes that he actually needed 'electric shocks' to banish the images from his head.

  Duchess Meghan in a scene from"Suits" mit ihrem Kollegen Patrick J. Adams
Duchess Meghan in a scene from 'Suits' with her colleague Patrick J. Adams © picture alliance

William and Kate were big 'Suits' fans

Harry also reveals that his brother Prince William (40) and his wife Princess Kate (40) were passionate viewers of 'Suits'. 'At the time I was afraid that Willy and Kate would not welcome Meg into the family. But then I had to fear that they would chase her for an autograph,' said the royal dropout.

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RTL shows Harry's explosive full-length interview

Prince Harry's autobiography will be released on January 10th. For the publication of his book, the 38-year-old gave a detailed interview to the British broadcaster ITV. RTL is showing the entire conversation exclusively in Germany on January 9 from 5 p.m. in the special program “Exclusive Special: Harry – The Interview”. (tma)

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