A mother of two for a few weeks: How Lena Gercke masters everyday life with babies and toddlers


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 The baby is born: Lena Gercke has become a mom again
Lena Gercke gave birth to her second child with her partner Dustin Schöne. © imago images/Sammy Minkoff, SpotOn

had in mid-December Lena Gercke (34) great news to announce: The model has become a mom again - in addition to daughter Zoe (2), little Lia now also makes the family happiness perfect. Balancing a toddler, a baby AND a career is not that easy, as the new mom of two now tells her fans.

Lena Gercke: 'Wonderful, but also a challenge'

When Lena starts a Q&A on her Instagram story, the followers are of course interested in how she manages her everyday life with two kids. 'The saying 'A child is not a child' is slowly taking shape,' she explains with a laughing emoji: 'It's beautiful, but of course it's also a challenge to get everything under one roof.' You and her partner Dustin Schöne (37) rely on organization and their families to help the couple.

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 Lena Gercke treats herself to a mom break

GNTM winner is slowly starting to do sports again

Lena Gercke, who gained 16 kilos during her second pregnancy – Incidentally, Zoe weighed 20 kilos – meanwhile has already started with the regression began. 'But you can't really say sport about it yet,' she also reveals in her question and answer session. Although the 34-year-old is an absolute sports cannon, She also knows how important post-natal exercises are before you can get back into sports: 'I try to thoroughly integrate pelvic floor training into my everyday life before I start exercising again.'

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So Lena is relaxed about her after-baby body – this is also proven by her answer to a user's question as to whether she has a six-pack. “Only one in the fridge at the moment,” is her humorous reply. (dga)

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