Actress Sandra Oh attends the Queen's funeral


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 Actress Sandra Oh attends the Queen's funeral
Sandra Oh says goodbye to the Queen on Monday. © DFree/, SpotOn

As part of the Canada delegation

In addition to heads of state and royals from all over the world, several celebrities will attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) on Monday (September 19) in London. For example, actress Sandra Oh (51), who will participate as a member of the Canadian delegation accompanying Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (50) to the English capital.

Oh has been the recipient of the 'Order of Canada' since June 2022 - the highest honor for Canadian civilians, awarded by the British monarch for life's work. Also part of the Canadian delegation are Canadian musician Gregory Charles (54) and swimmer Mark Tewksbury (54).

Celebrities queue for hours to honor the Queen

Since Queen Elizabeth II's coffin was laid out in Westminster Hall last Tuesday evening (September 13), thousands of mourners have lined up for miles to say a final farewell to the monarch. There were also some prominent faces among those waiting, such as former national soccer player David Beckham (47), who queued for twelve hours on Friday.

TV star Sharon Osbourne (69) stood in line for several hours at Westminster Hall on Wednesday evening. 'I love the Queen and I came here because I'm a Royalist and I love the Royal Family,' Osbourne told ITV News.

TV presenter Susanna Reid (51) wrote on Twitter on Thursday that she had stood in line for seven hours and twenty minutes. 'Wear the most comfortable shoes you own. Go with someone else if you can,' she advised.

The Queen's coffin lay in state in Westminster Hall until Monday morning before being taken in a procession to Westminster Abbey, where the state funeral will take place. On Saturday (September 17), Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (38) will stand guard at their grandmother's coffin for a quarter of an hour.

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