After 50 years without contact: Katy Karrenbauer cares for her demented father


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 The illness brought them back together

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They finally found each other again - but the occasion was not a happy one: they had been together for 50 years Katy Karrenbauer (69) and her dad Dieter no contact. But when her father fell ill with dementia, the actress was determined to take care of him. In the interview above, the 69-year-old reveals why it's not always easy and what her career in the RTL prison series has to do with it.

It would have broken her heart

Katy Karrenbauer became famous as the tough inmate 'Walter' in the RTL series 'Behind Bars'. In our RTL interview, she now shows a completely different, gentle side of herself. The reason: her father Dieter. He is 90 years old, suffers from dementia and can no longer cope without care. When the actress found out about it, it was clear to her: she wanted to take care of him – even though they hadn't seen each other in ages. When Katy was a schoolchild, her parents separated. After the divorce, contact with Papa Dieter broke off.

But now he's back in her life, more than ever - especially after the death of his new wife Marianne. Katy took her father to Berlin and organized a foster home for him. For the actress, that was the only way: 'It would have me that broken heart , if I had to leave him in a place where the only thing that matters is that nobody has time for you, that nobody cares about you'. Katy and her father see each other every day now.

Katy Karrenbauer's worries about the future

through the illness of the father The actor is now also worried about her own future: 'Who actually decides for me when I'm no longer capable of it?'. She is afraid of aging. So much so that she wishes for a certain thing for her future: 'Should I get into trouble and need help [...] I would rather stay healthy or actually not want to grow old'.

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