After a long time of worrying! Samira Cilingir gives new baby update


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  Samira Cilingir is pregnant with baby number two.
Samira Cilingir is pregnant with baby number two. © Instagram/ samira.bne

The past few weeks have been for Samira Cilingir and her husband Yasin the hell! The former 'Love Island' contestant is suffering from severe pain and bleeding during her second pregnancy - caused by a placental hematoma, In the worst case, it can even lead to a miscarriage. But finally the parents-to-be can breathe a sigh of relief!

Samira Cilingir has good news with her

Samira looks forward to every visit to the doctor with hope – and while the last appointment had turned out to be unexpectedly sobering, there is finally a positive update. 'We're back home and I have to say I'm a bit surprised,' the pregnant woman begins her Instagram story and doesn't beat around the bush: 'The hematoma has gotten a little smaller, which really calms me down. She also took another look at the baby, it looks really good there too.”

Great news that she and Yasin have been eagerly waiting for. Because the gynecologist is in good spirits, as Samira continues. Yet she has to continue to take it easy and must not lift heavy things, for example. The risk of miscarriage still exists.

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Are 'Love Island' stars Samira and Yasin having a boy again?

Incidentally, the appointment with the doctor was exciting in two ways. Because the gender of Baby Cilingir is already recognizable. Currently, however, the couple does not want to know this and had it written on a piece of paper. He, in turn, ends up with Kumpel shortly afterwards Filip Pavlovic (28), who takes a look at his Instagram story. 'Hey guys, I'm nervous. This letter is something very special,” he announces. The jungle camp king of 2022 has the honor of organizing the gender reveal party: 'I get goosebumps as if it were about me. I'll have a look here now... Okay, I know the gender.'

The 28-year-old puts on his poker face and doesn't show anything. He is currently the only one who knows whether son Malik can look forward to a brother or sister. 'Please don't call me and try to find something out. Leave me alone,” Filip jokingly appeals to his friends, for whom only one thing has priority: that their baby is born healthy. (dga)

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