After a nasty mud fight! Prince Harry reveals: 'I'm happy!'


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  ARCHIVE - January 16, 2020, Great Britain, London: Britain
In an interview, Prince Harry reveals: 'I was still so happy' © dpa, Kirsty Wigglesworth, KW VG sab alf kde

The memoirs of Prinz Harry (38) have made headlines around the world. But the youngest son of King Charles III (74) not only unpacks about scandals surrounding the royal family. In his interview, which took place in England on Sunday (January 8) and on RTL on Monday (January 9) was broadcast exclusively in Germany , he speaks more openly than ever about his great happiness: 'I've never felt that anywhere else!'

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Prince Harry shares his most painful memory

Prince Harry's biography will be released on January 10th. Most recently, the 38-year-old shocked with blatant statements about his family.

But Harry also becomes intimate about his own life. The 38-year-old has had to go through a lot in recent years. Can you still be happy there? In the interview, Harry has a very clear opinion on this: 'I've never felt the happiness that I have in my family anywhere else,' he explains. He feels safe in California. 'I'm happy, my family is happy.' He has two wonderful children and an amazing wife. And that's the main thing in the end.

He also lets his fans share what is probably the most painful memory of his life. Harry tells how he and his wife Meghan (41) dealt with the death of their unborn child.

In the video: Did Prince William really hit his brother?

  Did Prince William hit his brother Harry?

Harry's family is getting their fill

In addition to all these statements, his cocaine use and his first time was also an issue .

Regarding his family, he revealed, that William is said to have hit his little Harry. more about that in the video above. But that's not all, even Queen Camilla (75) does not get away – as usual. In an interview, the royal dropout reports that he addressed these words to his father, King Charles (74): 'We stand by you, we said, we agree with Camilla, but please don't marry her. just be together

Can his family ever forgive him for this interview and disclosure book?

All the highlights from the explosive interview can be found here again in the live ticker. (msu)

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