After Aus in Sat.1: 'Doc Caro' gets a new show on VOX


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 After Aus in Sat.1:"Doc Caro" bekommt neue Sendung bei VOX
dr Carola Holzner joins VOX after her Sat.1 engagement. © Boris Breuer, SpotOn

New job for Carola Holzner

'Doc Caro' changes from Sat.1 to VOX: As the RTL broadcasting group reports, the TV doctor Dr. Carola Holzner has 'found a new, exclusive home' there. In 2023 she will be seen on VOX in a documentary series specially tailored to her. In addition, assignments as an expert in various RTL Germany magazines are planned. Holzner about her new commitment: 'Our common wish is to reach people's hearts, to inspire them for medicine and their health and to give exciting insights into socially relevant medical topics.'

She is looking forward to working together: 'I can't wait. Let's get started.' Health concerns everyone. At the end of January 2022, the private broadcaster Sat.1 welcomed 'Doc Caro' as the new face of the broadcaster in a similar press release. At that time, the broadcaster also announced that it would work exclusively with Holzner in the future. Last year she was there in the documentary series 'Doc Caro - Einsatz mit Herz', which was surprisingly discontinued after just one season. However, probably not because of bad odds. When asked by the media magazine DWDL, the station said vaguely about its decision: 'There are good reasons for this that are not intended for the public.'

this is dr Carola Holzner aka 'Doc Caro'

dr Carola Holzner is a specialist in anesthesiology and specializes in the areas of emergency and intensive care medicine. As 'Doc Caro' she also imparts medical knowledge, which she explains in a way that laypeople can understand. She shares this knowledge on her YouTube and Instagram channels. She now has around 45,000 and 330,000 subscribers there respectively. In addition, the mother of two has been producing her own podcast since January ('Auf Heart and Ears') and has already written the bestsellers 'One for All: As an Emergency Doctor Between Hope and Reality' and 'No Half Measures: How the Emergency Room Changes the View of Life'. . She also gained media experience from numerous appearances on television, especially during the Corona crisis.

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