After-Baby-Body: Lena Gercke shows herself without a belly


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Dreamy and sexy! Lena Gercke reports back after the birth
Lena Gercke shows herself after the birth of her second daughter with a flat stomach. © Landmark Media. pi[email protected]. Tel:00 44 20 7033 3830/ImageCollect, SpotOn

Which celebrity mom loses her baby pounds the fastest? If this really was a competition, then Model Lena Gercke (34) certainly stand on the podium. After just three weeks, there is nothing left of her pregnancy: no tummy, no extra pounds. On Instagram, she is in top form and even lets her bare stomach flash out. Tight and well-trained - just as we know him from 'before'.

That went in no time!

That in this belly until a few weeks ago her smallest daughter Lia grown up is hard to believe. Lena is now a mother of two. In July 2020, she and her partner had their first child Dustin Beautiful (37) on the world: daughter Zoe . The little sister followed in mid-December. And now? No sign of pregnancy anymore, as her latest crop top snap shows on Instagram.

  Lena Gercke
Lena shows her after-baby body. © Instagram, Instagram/lenagercke

Without Feliss no... flat stomach

But Lena also does a lot for this well-trained figure. She shows herself to be diligent in her stories doing sports. And that even before birth. In any case, she clearly proved back then that jogging also works with a baby ball.

And who now thinks: 'It was always said that women should take it easy during pregnancy!'. Well, that view is now outdated. If nothing speaks against it in consultation with the doctor, sport is even healthy for the unborn child.

In the video: First shots of Lena's daughter Lia

  Lena Gercke welcomes baby number two!

Everything underneath has to fit, too

But not only the belly needs physical attention after a pregnancy, but also one or the other hidden spot. With makes her visible and relentlessly reveals to her followers that she definitely does not do without pelvic floor exercises... (rbe)

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