After burglary! Jessica and Johannes Haller are looking for a new home on Ibiza


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Jessica and Johannes Haller are moving

Actually thought Jessica Haller (32) and her husband John Haller (34) to have found her dream house in Ibiza. But a burglary in July 2022 changed everything. 'Today it became really clear to me that we won't be in the house next year,' explains the ex-Bachelorette in her Instagram story. Now the couple are looking for a 'smaller, more central and secure' property.

Something went wrong during the move!

It seemed too good to be true. 'I immediately had a good feeling in this house and visually I saw Hailey growing up there. I would never have dreamed of being able to live like this.' Jessica Haller gushed after signing the lease in March 2022.

No wonder, after weeks of searching, they had finally found a new home in their adopted home of Ibiza.

But the move to the new home was not under a good star: Jessica's glass shelf breaks and also the first night in the new house leaves a lot to be desired : 'My soul is still in the old house,' said the ex-Bachelorette at the time.

Burglary shock: thieves steal Jessi's wedding jewelry

Then in July came the big shock: The family's luxury home was broken into. “Unfortunately, the most personal items are missing. So Jessi's jewelry is gone from the wedding, her engagement ring, her wedding ring and that's really, really hard. While they've just left other super expensive stuff there, they only go after this stuff. It's really bad how it feels right now,' Johannes explained shortly after the burglary.

meanwhile has Jessi replaced her stolen wedding ring. But the unsafe feeling in the house remains. Before the small family has to move again, they will leave the island in a few weeks for the winter and enjoy family time on vacation. (jve)

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