After emergency surgery and kidney failure: concerns about pop star Tony Marshall are growing


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Emergency operation for Tony Marshall: Schlagerstar is fine"soweit gut"
It's not good for pop star Tony Marshall. © imago images/Bildagentur Monn, SpotOn

Tony Marshall - a household name in German show business for many years. And a guarantee for entertainment. But concern about the 'nation's merrier' is growing. The 84-year-old has withdrawn from the public - probably forever.

Schlager star Tony Marshall already dies

"Fröhlichmacher der Nation": Tony Marshall bei einem Auftritt 1982.
'The nation's cheermaker': Tony Marshall at a performance in 1982. © United Archives/Schweigmann, Max Schweigmann

How bad is it really about pop star Tony Marshall? The singer had to cancel a concert because of an emergency operation. Since then, the entertainer's health has deteriorated massively. Even his friends no longer believe that the 'Lovely Maid' singer will return to the limelight: 'I've said goodbye to Tony forever,' said a source.

The singer, known for hits like 'Bora Bora' or 'Beautiful Maid', was close to death several times . Marshall suffers from heart problems, diabetes and the nervous condition polyneuropathy. He barely survived a stroke in 2019. But that's not all: he has had to undergo dialysis for three years due to kidney failure.

In October 2021 he was in intensive care with a corona infection - there was danger to life. In April 2022 the renewed Covid infection . In May of this year, Marshall had to cancel a concert due to an emergency operation . Since then, things have not been good for the singer.

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A return to German show business? Rather unlikely! A friend reveals the image: 'Tony doesn't want to see anyone except his family because he feels too weak. He wants to be remembered as a happy entertainer.” (cba)

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