After Henry Cavill: The new Superman has not yet been found


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 After Henry Cavill: The new Superman has not yet been found
Henry Cavill will no longer be seen in his role as Superman. © imago images/Everett Collection, SpotOn

Script not yet available

Who will succeed Henry Cavill (39) as Superman? This question has been hotly debated in recent weeks. Recently, rumors have been circulating that 'The Kissing Booth' and 'Euphoria' actor Jacob Elordi (25) could become a superhero, but James Gunn (56), alongside Peter Safran (57) co-chairman of DC Studios , is now putting a stop to speculation.

The search for Superman hasn't even begun yet

A Twitter account spread the Elordi rumor and asked what users thought about it. 'My thoughts are that nobody has been cast as Superman before,' Gunn, who prior to his new DC role was primarily known as the director of films such as Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel), wrote in a tweet of his own. With him it is almost always the case that castings only take place after the script has been completed or is about to be completed. And that's not the case in this case. There is some news to be announced at DC Studios soon, but not yet who will be taking on the role of Superman.

Henry Cavill first played the superhero in 2013's Man of Steel. He was initially slated to return in the role, but was forced to announce in mid-December that he would 'ultimately not be returning as Superman' after meeting Safran and Gunn. The latter then confirmed Cavill's end and explained that they wanted to 'focus on an earlier part of Superman's life' first. However, he and Safran are 'big fans' of Cavill and talked about 'exciting possibilities' for further collaboration with the actor at the meeting.

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