After love off: Thomas Helmer with a new model flame


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Thomas Helmer
Thomas Helmer currently seems to be in a dating mood. © IMAGO/, IMAGO/Michael Lucan /,

Did the former football star Thomas Helmer (57) perhaps a new one? Only recently did he and his estranged wife Yasmina Filali (47) announced their separation. Now the sports presenter has been spotted with a female companion at the Hamburg Wiesn – allegedly his new flame.

New happiness in love after a failed marriage?

Thomas Helmer and actress Yasmina Filali were in love for 21 years – 17 of them as a married couple. But this happiness shouldn't last forever because almost a month ago, the two officially confirmed their separation .

While Yasmina meanwhile found a new lover should have, Thomas is now letting the rumor mill simmer. At the Hamburg Oktoberfest he shows himself intimately with model Kristin Zirnsak (35), who is twelve years his junior.

In the video: Thomas Helmer and Yasmina Filali have split up

 Thomas Helmer and Yasmina Filali have split up

Curtain up for Kristin Zirnsak

The 35-year-old brunette is not only a model, but also a presenter and reporter. Kristin appeared at the Hamburg event in a baby blue dirndl with pink accents. She rounded off her traditional costume look with a matching floral wreath on her head.

While she only shows herself alone and with her friends on her Instagram snapshots, she posed radiantly for a photographer from 'Bild' with Thomas Helmer by her side. According to the newspaper, the two even left the event together. Is there love in the air? An official statement has not yet been made.

This detail speaks against a liaison

However, if you take a closer look at Kristin's photos, you will notice that she wears the bow of her dirndl on the left side. According to the Wiesn tradition, the wearer makes it clear that she is single. Did the moderator have this unwritten rule in mind when choosing her outfit? If so, despite the couple rumours, she ran as a single lady across the Hamburg Wiesn. (ean)

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