After Meghan's miscarriage: Prince Harry dug the hole for her dead baby himself


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  In his book Spare, Harry reveals how he and his wife Meghan dealt with the death of their unborn child.
In his book 'Spare' Prince Harry tells about the miscarriage that his wife Meghan suffered in 2020. © dpa, Chris Jackson, bsc pil exa pat tba exa kay

The memoirs of Prinz Harry (38) have made headlines around the world. But the youngest son of King Charles III (74) doesn't just over pack Scandals related to the royal family, but also shares very intimate events with the public. In his book, Spare, Harry reveals how he and his wife Megan (41) dealt with the death of their unborn child.

Prince Harry reveals shocking details about Meghan's miscarriage

Harry and Meghan had sons after the birth Archie (3) in May 2019 with family planning not yet completed. As hoped, the native American became pregnant again, but unfortunately the baby was not born alive. In July 2020, the 41-year-old suffered a miscarriage. A tragic experience that Harry talks about very openly in his book and brings to light details that give you goosebumps. “We left the hospital with our unborn child. A tiny package. We went to a place, a secret place that only we knew,' US Weekly quoted from his autobiography. But that's not all. 'Under a sprawling banyan tree, while Meg cried, I dug a hole with my hands and gently placed the tiny packet in the ground,' the 38-year-old continues.

Just a few months after her miscarriage, in November 2020, Meghan herself broke her silence and made her tragic loss public in a guest post for the New York Times. 'After I changed [Archie's] diaper, I felt a severe cramp. I fell on the ground with him in my arms and hummed a lullaby to calm us both,' reads the lines of her article. 'I knew when I had my firstborn child clutched that I lost my second.' In their Netflix documentary, the couple raises serious allegations. Harry suspects the behavior of the British press may have caused his wife to lose their baby.

But as is often the case, happiness and suffering are very close together. Because only shortly after her miscarriage, Meghan became pregnant again and about a year later, in June 2021, she was allowed to hold her little daughter Lilibet in her arms.

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RTL shows Prince Harry's full-length interview

Prince Harry's autobiography will be released on January 10th. For the publication of his book, the 38-year-old gave a detailed interview to the British broadcaster 'ITV'.

RTL is showing the entire conversation exclusively in Germany on January 9 from 5 p.m. in the special program “Exclusive Special: Harry, the Interview” and parallel on RTL+ in the live stream . ( um )

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