After Queen's death: Prince Harry has his scandal book changed


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  Prinz Harry
Shortly before the publication of Prince Harry's scandalous book, there are changes again © dpa, Fabian Strauch, fabian strauch

Should be soon Prince Harry's (37) long-awaited tell-all book hit the market. through the death of the queen († 96) but now some things have changed again. The royal dropout apparently wants some sections of his memoirs to be revised again.

Huge buzz about Harry's book

'I am not writing this as the prince I was born to be, but as the man I became,' Prince Harry was quoted as saying by Penguin Random House publishers at the official announcement of his tell-all book for the end of 2022. The prince has the book project along with ghostwriter J.R. Moehringer (56) worked and, according to “The Sun”, should receive a whopping fee of almost 40 million euros.

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Harry's fans can't wait to finally get their hands on the book. But not everyone is happy about the release. Some of the British royals are said to be very concerned about the contents of the book. They certainly still have it the big scandalous interview of Prince Harry and his Duchess Meghan (41) with Oprah Winfrey (68) in mind.

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  Who needs to tremble before Prince Harry's book?

Is publication in danger now?

Because of Death of Queen Elizabeth II. the disclosure book should now be a lot milder in places. As the British 'Dailymail' reports, Prince Harry wants to have his book modified again at the last minute. Bring out the current draft of the scandal book, while mourning his grandmother , could “not go down so well”.

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Even if it is not intended to be a complete new version, the revision will certainly pose a time challenge for Prince Harry and “Penguin Random House”. Whether the announced publication for the end of the year can be kept?
There were already problems with the cooperation between Harry and the publisher. The very first version of his memoirs is said to have been too lax. It remains to be seen what the end result will be this time. (ean)

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