After separating from Marc Terenzi, Jenny Elvers throws herself back into dating adventures


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Jenny Elvers at"Ein Promi ein Joker"

by David Modjarad

What is he thinking? Jenny Elvers (50) when she's watching the jungle camp? That's exactly what I want to know from her, among other things, in our quick question round 'A celebrity is a joker'! Because in Australia is with Verena Kerth (41) yes, her successor at the start - and of course Jenny's ex Marc Terenzi (44) accompanied. Between March and July 2022, the two were a pair for a short time. By the way, Jenny's reaction to the question 'Who would you rather go to a desert island with: Marc or Verena?' is pretty clear, as can be seen in the video above...

Jenny Elvers is dating again

But that's not the only question I ask her. Of course I'm also interested in Jenny's current love life. She answers - out of necessity - because the joker is already gone! Yes, there is someone, but when it comes to details, it's like, 'What's that to do with you? Maybe a celebrity friend again?

But Jenny has more stories in store! For example, a few years ago, when our chancellor at the time Angela Merkel stopped by for dinner. If you want to cook the menu yourself – there are instructions in the video! And then you will also find out which question the TV fame didn't want to answer...

'A celebrity a joker' on

David Modjarad has already cross-examined a number of celebrities in the 'One celebrity one Joker' cross-examination with the strict rules – the results can be seen regularly on and on RTL on TV. The rules of the game are tough: ten quick questions for the VIP guest, who must answer all but one. If he or she draws the Joker, it means 'No comment' - but this saving card may only be drawn once.

Mariella Ahrens , Bonnie Strange , Kim Gloss and many more - all of them have already been questioned. here there are more consequences of the format. (dga)

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