After separation: Kate Merlan wants a baby


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 Kate Merlan wants to be a mom in 2023.
Kate Merlan wants to be a mom in 2023. © katemerlan / Instagram

'I want to tell you something. It's something very private,' teasers Kate Whiting a very special revelation in her current Instagram story. Then she lets the 35-year-old drop the bomb. The Baby Bomb.

Kate Merlan: 'I want to have a baby next year!'

'You know I love babies more than anything in the world. I'm a real kid lover,' Kate explains to her followers. Lately she has been thinking 'very intensively' about the children's topic and what makes her happy in life and what would really fulfill her. 'And the answer was actually: A little Katie baby,' she drops the bombshell.

In recent years, when it comes to offspring, it has simply never been the right time, but now is the perfect time to become a mom, she announces: 'Next year I want to have a baby!' And it shouldn't stay with one, because actually she always dreamed of four children.

In the video: Kate Merlan and husband Jakub have split up

 Kate Merlan and husband Jakub have split up

Kate wants to become a mom in 2023 – despite the separation from Jakub

Now there might just be one tiny problem. Because if Katie wants to stick to her schedule and become a mother for the first time in 2023, she says she would have to 'start slowly'. Say: A potential father would have to come.

Husband Jakub Jarecki will probably not be, because Katie only separated from him a few weeks ago. That doesn't exactly play into her hands with the 'Katie-Mami' mission, but her optimism is unshakable: 'I hope it works!' We'll keep our fingers crossed, dear Kate. (csp)

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