After the death of the Queen: Duchess Kate hides her tears in the first photo


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Kate are said to have been very close
Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Kate are said to have been very close © dpa, Matt Dunham, TH kde products

You can clearly see her sadness! Since the death from Queen Elizabeth (†96) on September 8th, most of her closest family members went into hiding. Well became Duchess Kate (40) seen publicly for the first time after the sad loss of the monarch. And the wife of Prince William (40) looked very serious.

Reading tip: You can read all the news about the death of the exceptional monarch in the RTL live ticker.

Petrified expression and dressed all in black

This shot of Duchess Kate speaks volumes. She is usually known to be beaming and in a good mood at official appointments. Dressed all in black, she sits at the wheel of her car with a stony expression, her face - especially her eyes - being covered by large black sunglasses. It seems Kate wants to hide herself and her grief from the prying eyes of the world.

According to English media reports, the Duchess was on her way to her children's school at that moment. The 40-year-old did not travel to Scotland with Prince William and other royals last Thursday to rush to Balmoral to see the dying Queen. Instead, Kate stayed in Berkshire, west of London, with George (9), Charlotte (7) and Louis (4). The three mini royals had their first day at their new school near Adelaide Cottage, where the family now resides, on the anniversary of the Queen's death.

  Duchess Kate after the death of the Queen
Duchess Kate after the death of the Queen © MEGA

King Charles has no time to mourn

Also the photos of Prinz Harry , taken shortly after Queen Elizabeth's death, went around the world. The 37-year-old looked visibly drawn from the sudden loss of his beloved grandmother. the new one King Charles (73) and his wife Camilla (75) there is hardly any time to mourn in peace. The royal couple returned to London on Friday (9 September). and has had to complete one appointment after the other ever since. Charles was officially proclaimed British monarch with a festive ceremony on Saturday (September 10). (tma)

  Harry's photo after his grandmother's death brings tears
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