After the engagement of Pietro Lombardi and his Laura Maria: Congratulations to Dieter Bohlen


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Pietro and Laura are not only expecting their first child together, but are now engaged.
Pietro and Laura are not only expecting their first child together, but are now engaged. © RTL

Pietro Lombardi has his Laura Maria finally asked the question of all questions. And after the 26-year-old answered 'yes' and posted a picture of the romantic event, it rained congratulations for the two on the net.

Dieter Bohlen cannot resist a small dig

Of course, when Pietro Lombardi gets engaged, congratulations are also left Dieter Bohlen not long in coming. From a paradisiacal backdrop, the pop titan reports and writes: 'Congratulations to Pietro and his Laura, but now we're working.'

Giovanni Zarrella: 'When 2 people find each other and it becomes a family'

The DSDS winner (stream here on RTL+) floats with his Laura more than on cloud nine. After the sweet ones Baby-News Now follow romantic engagement messages and they also hit friends and colleagues right in the heart. Writes under Laura's post with a rose background and diamond ring Yeliz Koc : 'Omg!!!!! Congratulations my darling. I'm sooooo happy for you !! 'Ex-Bachelor Nico Griesert posts: 'Congratulations'. Of course, a few lines from Pietro's closest confidante are also allowed Giovanni Zarrella not missing. He writes: “When 2 people find each other and it becomes a family.
Congratulations from us.”

Pietro Lombardi comments on the post with special lines

Laura's romantic post not only contains posts from friends, her lover Pietro also has something to say to her. The 30-year-old wrote: 'I love you and our little darling. You are our little one and my alessio, my life, I'm always there for you.'

Nothing is more important to Pietro Lombardi than his family life. This also includes his son Alessio, whom he has from his first marriage to Sarah Engels. More about Pietro's past, his beginnings as a musician and his very special family relationship can be found in the documentary 'Pietro Lombardi: Family, Faith, Love'. (stream here on RTL+) to see.

In the video: Does Pietro reveal the baby name here?

  Does Pietro Lombardi reveal the baby's name here?

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa chat in the podcast from the sewing box

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