After the 'Sieg Heil' scandal surrounding Melanie Müller: performance at the Dresden Oktoberfest canceled


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 Melanie Müller at the Apres Ski Party in the Kulturbrauerei. Görlitz, 02.02.2019 *** Melanie Müller at the Apres Ski Party in the Kulturbrauerei Görlitz 02 02 2019 Photo:xM.xWehnertx/xFuturexImage
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Recently a video has been circulating that shows Melanie Müller (34) at a concert in front of an audience that apparently yells right-wing extremist slogans. It is now known that an upcoming performance at the Oktoberfest in Dresden with the Ballermann singer was canceled at short notice.

Melanie Müller's appearance canceled

'After the reporting of the last few days, it is important for me to clarify a few things that have been presented in the press before I go back to my fans in Dresden on stage. In the current situation, I can't just go into a party mood so easily,' Melanie begins her post on Instagram. For this reason, her planned appearance will not take place and she again distances herself from the right-wing extremist scene: 'The fact is: Nazis don't belong in my audience. I clearly distance myself from what happened at the performance in Leipzig and hope that I will have the opportunity to position myself publicly with some distance. But that takes time. That's why I decided, together with the organizer Feldschlösschen, to cancel tomorrow's performance in Dresden for the time being.

That happened

 Melanie Müller: Nazi slogans at her concert

The said video shows Melanie performing in front of spectators, some of whom appear to be raising their arm in a Nazi salute and shouting, 'Sieg Heil.' It is said to be hooligans from the Lokomotive Leipzig football club. Parts of this group are said to be close to the right-wing extremist milieu. When we asked, however, Melanie Müller claimed that she had not initially heard the calls through her headphones and the volume in the room. When she became aware of it, she stopped the performance. (dga)

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