After the sink photo: Angelina Pannek makes fun of Leni Klum


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Angelina Pannek can't resist a funny reaction to Leni Klum's sink photo.
Angelina Pannek can't resist a funny reaction to Leni Klum's sink photo. © Instagram, /

Angelina Pannek (30) knows how to top it: From a questionable photo by Leni Klum (18) she conjures up a funny gag at the expense of the young model in no time at all – and shows that a dash of reality rarely hurts.

  Leni Klum sits in lingerie in the sink

Leni Klum causes confusion – and Angelina Panneck jokes about it

Not that the Germans don't have a sense of humor - after all, we have Angelina Pannek, and she seems to know how it's done! But from the beginning: With her posting from November 30, 2022, young model Leni Klum causes confusion . What she wanted to present as a sexy evening routine causes most question marks over their heads rather than hearty eyes. In lingerie, the 18-year-old sits on the edge of a sink, pouting and holding a toothbrush in front of her face, which appears to be for decorative purposes only.

Like many of Klum's followers, ex-'Bachelor' candidate Angelina Pannek can't help but make a funny comment – ​​only she doesn't leave it in writing, but adds a little pinch of reality to her work. In her story, Pannek shares the photo of Leni Klum. Below you can see a selfie of the 30-year-old, who shows her in a sweater, with unstyled hair and – as it should be – toothpaste foam in front of her mouth. After all: Pannek's toothbrush is just as pink as Leni's. But that's where the similarities stop. 'I'm doing something wrong,' jokes Angelina.

  Leni and Heidi Klum pose in festive lingerie
  Angelina Pannek can joke about Leni Klums"Abendroutine" nicht verkneifen.
Angelina Pannek can't help but joke about Leni Klum's 'evening routine'. ©

Leni Klum proves: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

'Many sinks will break tonight and fall on the floor,' says the comment column under Leni's posting. There, opinions split between jokes at Klum's expense and compliments on her figure. However, the 18-year-old seems to take criticism lightly and simply continues where she left off: with big deer eyes and advertising.

She probably got the relaxed handling of her followers' reactions from her mom Heidi Klum (49) learned. After all, she hasn't been above bringing her small or big idiosyncrasies into the public eye for years - and stepping over loud critics with the same self-confidence and doing her thing. Even in the most famous families, one motto seems to be high on the agenda: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. (cre)

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