After-Wiesn: The best anti-hangover tips for the Oktoberfest


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  After-Wiesn: The best anti-hangover tips for the Oktoberfest
Around seven million liters of beer are drunk at the Oktoberfest every year. © imago/SNA, SpotOn

Basis, drinking rules and Co.

Since September 17, it's that time again: People laugh, dance, sway - and drink quite a bit on Munich's Theresienwiese. But usually not without consequences: one or the other at the Oktoberfest certainly looks too deep into the beer mug and wakes up the next morning with a headache. If you want to survive the Oktoberfest visit without a hangover, you should follow these tips.

The basis

Rule number one: Before you start swaying and swaying, you eat. The best are cheese spaetzle, oily dishes such as fish on a stick or fried dishes with a lot of fat, such as chicken. The reason: oil lines the intestines and ensures that the alcohol is absorbed in smaller quantities and more evenly. Sounds reasonable - and hearty food can be found on every corner at the Wiesn.

Drinking rules during the Wiesn evening

It's easy to forget while partying, but this rule pays off the next morning at the latest: mineral water between rounds of beers. Alcohol consumption deprives the body of a lot of liquid - and with it important minerals and salt. The result is a headache the next morning.

In addition, you should stick to one drink, so keep your hands off the schnapps. Before going to bed, it is important to remember to drink a large glass of water. Preferably with a magnesium tablet from the pharmacy, so that the storage is replenished immediately.

The next day

If the hangover is big, you should of course drink enough - everything except alcohol, of course. Tap water, mineral water, tea and juice spritzers extinguish the fire and provide initial relief. Base powder and healing earth are also recommended, both of which compensate for acidification caused by alcohol. To also detoxify the liver, artichoke juice or tea is recommended.

If you wake up with a hangover, you should of course have a hearty breakfast. Salty and sour foods are particularly popular with hangovers - rolled mops, pickles or a spicy scrambled egg can work wonders the next morning. If you want something a little healthier, you can rely on bananas as a source of magnesium and potassium, or oatmeal for carbohydrates and plant-based protein. Coffee - preferably black as espresso - is also considered an effective helper, as the caffeine stimulates the circulation. If you get a craving for something spicy and hearty, you should satisfy it with sandwiches and homemade stews. In general, however, it does not do any harm to replenish the body's vitamin balance and to eat lighter food - because too much fat puts additional strain on the liver.

Fresh air

Get out in the fresh air. After an evening like this, it is particularly important to fill up on fresh oxygen. This gives you a clear head, circulation and metabolism get going again, and the body's regeneration accelerates. Back at home you can then confidently put an end to the hangover with another round of sleep.

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