Alec Baldwin's bizarre 'million' gift for his wife Hilaria's 39th birthday


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Hilaria and Alec Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin received a special birthday present from her husband Alec © action press, ActionPress

What do you give when you have everything or can buy everything yourself? Alec Baldwin (64) obviously faced this difficult question just before his wife Hilaria celebrated her 39th birthday. He already has gifts for her, but apparently that certain something was missing. So he got his Instagram followers on board – with a concern that sometimes caused bitter ridicule and incomprehension.

Alec: 'We're not far from helping her across that line'

If you've been following Alec Baldwin on Instagram for the past few days, you must have noticed that the actor has been living through something of a murder mystery. 'I'll come back and do it again,' he announced in a video. He has a mission: It's about his wife Hilaria's birthday, with whom he only had his seventh child in September . In total, by the way, he has eight and will soon be thanks to little daughters Ireland Baldwin (27) – from marriage to Hollywood star Kim Basinger (69) – first time grandpa .

But back to the 64-year-old's birthday problem: 'I really want to reach the millions for my wife!' He explains to his followers. 'We're getting close, so close, to my wife reaching a million followers!' Yes, you read that right! Alec's birthday present is said to be the millionth follower for his wife. For Hilaria, social media would be an important building block in “marketing her work”, he continues.

In the video: After eight kids, Alec Baldwin is now also a grandpa!

  Eight-time dad Alec Baldwin becomes grandpa

That's what his own followers think

In the comments columns for the various videos that Alec has uploaded in connection with his mission, a general shaking of the head can be heard. 'Likes and follower numbers are synonymous with happiness for you,' asks a stunned follower. “Please follow my wife on Instagram. It's very important,' another ridiculed Alec's concern, adding, 'It doesn't get any more superficial.' Another wonders what's wrong with people: 'I would be ashamed to even ask something like that !“

'I used to be a fan of yours, but that's way too narcissistic!' Another user is critical. In fact, the majority of his followers seem to be taking the call apart. Only a few comment positively on his concerns.

This is how Hilaria reacts to the gift

In fact, Alec finally made it and found some people who are now also following his wife Hilaria. On a handwritten note that he uploaded the day after his wife's birthday, the 64-year-old wrote: 'Thank you to everyone who helped get my wife to a million followers.' And there are malicious comments about that too : 'I hope she lives a better life now - we all pray that she breaks the two million mark.'

In the end, all that matters to Alec is that his wife is very happy with her birthday present. In her Insta story, she shares her husband's handwritten message: 'Grateful for all of you,' she writes. 'It's like a fun party that we all have here.' (vne)

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