All eyes on him: Royal fans rave about this Scottish officer – who is Major Jonathan Thompson?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Royal fans rave about this Scottish officer

He was one of the last bodyguards of Queen Elizabeth II. , now he serves the new King Charles III. as stable master. Major Jonathan 'Johnny' Thompson of the 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland has long captured the attention of Royal fans, now he has at the procession and subsequent service for the late monarch in London sighted. And again all eyes were on him. But why is the fascination for the Scot so great?

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The Queen and Major Thompson were a well-rehearsed team

  Queen Elizabeth II, with Officer Commanding Major Johnny Thompson, inspects Balaclava Company, 5 Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland at the gates at Balmoral, as she takes up summer residence at the castle.
Queen Elizabeth II in 2018 with Officer Commanding Major Johnny Thompson in front of Balmoral Castle © picture alliance, Andrew Milligan

These are images that have gone around the world. In 2018, outside the gates of Balmoral Castle, the Queen inspected a company of the Royal Regiments of Scotland, stroked a pony and beamed with the sun as she moved into her summer residence. Pictures that show the Queen exuberant, happy and healthy, just four years before her silent death in this very place.

Back then at the side of the monarch: Major Johnny Thompson, dressed in a Scottish kilt, always with a smile on his face. The stable master also acted as the Queen's bodyguard, accompanying her to public appointments in Scotland and guarding her with all his might. It was his funny look and his endless charm that made the hearts of Royal fans beat faster even then. His dealings with the Queen: Unique. The two apparently shared the same sense of humor, flirting around.

Major Thompson bids farewell

  The Queen with Major Johnny Thompson at Balmoral
The Queen liked to flirt with Major Johnny Thompson. Here in 2018. © picture alliance, Andrew Milligan

The fact that Major Johnny Thompson has now mingled with the officers on the procession through London to be present when the body of the recently deceased Queen is laid out in Westminster Hall is a testament to his big heart and his deep connection to the 96-year-old.

Incidentally, Thompson most recently worked as stable master for Prince Charles and will continue to perform this task when the 76-year-old takes his first steps as King Charles III. has to master.

Royal fans can be happy: they will see the hot Major more often in the future. (cch)

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