Almost 6 kilos in 30 days: Twenty4tim shows its weight loss success


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Influencer Twenty4tim
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There Influencers Twenty4tim (22) is one of the most successful social media stars with over 3.4 million followers on TikTok. Now he's showing his fans how his body has changed over the past month and how happy he is with it.

'I can feel myself getting happier'

The 22-year-old now posts a “before and after photo” of himself on Instagram and writes: “I lost 5.7 kg and for the first time in my life I can say that I did it with joy”. There should be a difference of 30 days and almost six kilos between these pictures. He did it with hard work, but also a few tears. He reveals he goes to the gym up to four times and is now eating better: '[I] can feel myself getting 'happier'.' The singer wants to take his fans with him on his weight loss journey and wants to be fit for the start of the tour in September. He had neglected his health and his body for too long.

Some of his followers are super proud of him and comment: 'Amazing! Keep it up!', 'Hammer!!' And even ex-Bachelor André Mangold writes: 'Really good! Keep it up. If you need help or tips, you have my number.” That all sounds very positive at first, but many followers are very disappointed because they suspect a Photoshop fake here.

In the video: twenty4tim stands by his stretch marks on his stomach

 twenty4tim stands by his stretch marks on his stomach

'Unfortunately, a completely wrong message'

Not everyone believes Tim that the pictures were really only taken 30 days apart and some also think they can see a Photoshop error in the 'after picture': 'You say there are almost 30 days between the pictures. Absolutely can't cut it (recognizable by the nails and also by the hairstyle. You already had a completely different hair color in December) The picture on the left is from October (if you look at individual posts, you can see that very quickly) and on the Photoshop has contributed to the right picture. It's a shame that you lie to others and yourself,' said one follower. The wall unit in the background is said to be too crooked to really be 'real' and that's 'unfortunately a completely wrong message,' especially for his younger fans. Despite the criticism, however, it is clear that most want that Twenty4tim Is successful, just without 'fake': 'Just be proud of how you are and without filters and retouching'. ( yum )

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