Andrej Mangold & Annika Jung are looking for 'Couple Names'.


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Annika Jung and Andrej Mangold present their couple look.
Annika Jung and Andrej Mangold present their couple look. ©

Andrej Mangold (35) and his girlfriend Annika Jung were on vacation on the sunny side of life – the couple in love went from Hawaii to California. As a souvenir, they brought their fans a partner look from Los Angeles. With so much agreement, a suitable couple name should not be missing! But that's still the problem...

Andrej Mangold and Annika Jung are looking for a couple's name

While their fans in Germany wrap themselves in cozy blankets at temperatures around freezing, ex-'Bachelor' Andrej Mangold and his lady of the heart Annika Jung vacation in the United States did.

The two are currently back in Germany, but they still sweeten their followers' gray everyday life with postings from the city of angels. In their current photo they present a partner look in brown college jackets - of course taken in the best sunset light in Los Angeles. To round off the post, the two wanted to come up with a couple name for themselves.

Unfortunately, that seems easier said than done. 'Annika & Andrej / Anni & Dre are just too similar,' the two have to admit. 'Team A? AnniRej? Drejni? The A Team,” they guess. Well, with the last suggestion, at least they see it themselves: 'Certainly not'.

  Andrej Mangold introduces his new girlfriend Annika

Your followers have imagination – now Andrej and Annika just have to decide

So the followers are asked for advice and an official “Nickname Challenge” is launched: “We are simply overwhelmed and need your creative help please. Maybe you can help us with a suitable couple name?!' In addition to two comments that Mangold posts under his own post, there are a lot of funny emojis from celebrity colleagues like Lisa Straube, Laura Morante Frascella , Mike Heiter (30) and Co. Apparently they can't think of any cool names for couples either.

But you can rely on Andrej's fan community for that. How about 'Young & Gold, AnnDre', based on their last name, 'A-D-Licious' or simply 'Favorite Couple'? In any case, there seems to be enough imagination and swarm intelligence, now the lucky ones only have to decide. So it remains exciting! Incidentally, the favorite suggestion of the editors is 'Manni' - for 'MANgold and anNi' of course. At least Annika had a laughing emoji for him. (cre)

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