Angelo Kelly talks about the reasons for leaving his family ties


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  Angelo Kelly speaks for the first time about the end of his family band:"Ich habe gemerkt: Das wird sehr schwer in den nächsten Jahren."
Angelo Kelly speaks for the first time about leaving his family band: 'I noticed that it will be very difficult in the next few years.' © action press, SpotOn

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  • Angelo Kelly speaks for the first time about the end of his family band and reveals: the decision was made spontaneously
  • This Christmas present brought tears to Howard Carpendale
  • Andrea Berg enchants her fans in a mini dress

December 18, 2022: Angelo Kelly decided “spontaneously” that his family band would end

Has been standing for more than ten years Angelo Kelly (40) with his wife Kira (43) and their five children as a big family band on stage. In the summer of 2022 they played a tour that was to be their farewell tour - and that was unannounced and halfway spontaneous. Because the family will no longer be on stage together, everyone decided shortly before the end of this tour, as Angelo Kelly revealed on the 'NDR Talkshow'. “We decided that a week before the end of the tour, very spontaneously. […] We stopped where we started, on stage in front of our audience.”

The family man always knew that the band would come to an end with his wife and children, says Kelly. Above all, 'because the children grow up and go their own way.' It seems as if he doesn't want to stand in their way when it comes to studying, graduating from school and their own music career. 'I saw the signals and said, 'You know what, we're breaking up,'' explains Angelo Kelly. But he has not regretted this decision – and his fans can also breathe a sigh of relief: in 2023 he will be back on stage for his “Mixtape” tour.

December 17, 2022: Howard Carpendale: This Christmas present brought him to tears

Not long now, then it will be Christmas. This year will Howard Carpendale (76) safe again with his wife Donnice, son Wayne (45) , Daughter-in-law Annemarie (45) and Simple Mads (4) celebrate in Munich. With lots of delicious food and of course gifts. Will tears flow again on Christmas Eve? Possible!

Because that would not be unusual for the singer, as Howard's son Wayne revealed in an interview with 'Gala'. For the 'Honestly Honest' questionnaire, the actor answered a few personal questions that began with 'Did you know?' Including the question: 'Did you know that the most embarrassing Christmas present...?', To which Wayne answered: '...a nose hair razor for my dad Howard - 25 years ago. He cried with emotion.” Only the pop star himself knows whether Howie really cried with emotion or just out of shame. But it's always a funny story...

  Howard Carpendale shares a photo of his reunion with his son Cass on Instagram.
Ho, ho, ho: who knew a razor would make Howard Carpendale cry? © dpa

December 16: Andrea Berg enchants her fans in a mini dress

Andrea Berg (56) is a guest on the RTL show “Ultimate Chartshow – Best of 2022” tonight. On her Instagram account, the Schlager-Queen gives her fans a look at her outfit – and that's something to be proud of.

Andrea's short, off-the-shoulder glitter dress is well received by her followers. 'Wow... how pretty,' is just one enthusiastic comment. The 56-year-old has proven many times that she knows how to show off her curves.

December 15: Florian Silbereisen's hit review is recorded

  Florian Silbereisen during the recording of the ARD TV show The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights in the Congress Center Suhl. Suhl, November 24, 2022 *** Florian Silbereisen at the recording of the ARD TV show The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights at the Congress
Florian Silbereisen during the recording of the ARD TV show The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights in the Congress Center Suhl. S © IMAGO/Future Image, IMAGO/Frederic Kern,

Florian Silbereisen's review of the hit year 2022 is apparently recorded in advance this year. With Bernhard Brink as moderator, the show had been broadcast live in previous years. 'The hit year 2022 is coming to an end and Florian Silbereisen, for once, doesn't look ahead, but back: He presents the big annual review show with the hits, stars and stories of 2022. Together with Andy Borg and Ross Antony, he recalls highlights, successes and breakdowns emotional and sad moments, funny and special headlines and stories - of course with many hits and surprises, 'says the MDR in an official statement on the show.

Florian Silbereisen's 'Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights' had previously flopped with its new slot on a Friday. With a total of 5.05 million viewers and a market share of 21.1 percent, the show was the winner of the day among the total audience, but was unable to build on previous successes and was the biggest ratings flop in 'Adventsfest' history.

December 14, 2022 Patricia Kelly makes a sweet declaration of love to her son

Well, if these words don't get under your skin! Patricia Kelly (53) posted a sweet snapshot of herself and her son on Instagram and dedicated a few very loving lines to him. 'My mom heart melts when you support me at my concerts and in everything I do,' the singer begins her sweet declaration of love. “I am absolutely thrilled with everything you have achieved so far and the plans you have for the present and the future. I love you, mom!” Who doesn't like to hear something like that from their parents. The 56-year-old has added hashtags like #forevergrateful (in German: 'Forever grateful') and #hesayoungmannow (In German: 'He's a young man now') to her post.

December 13, 2022: Maite Kelly & Roland Kaiser surprise their fans with this

  Maite Kelly & Roland Kaiser were honored with 5 times gold.
The hit stars Maite Kelly & Roland Kaiser were honored with 5 times gold. © action press, ActionPress, cq

Well, if that wasn't a successful merger! Maite Kelly (43) and Roland Kaiser (70) did an excellent duet with their song 'Why didn't you say no' - in the truest sense of the word. The two hit stars were honored with five gold medals for their hit, which sold no less than 750,000 copies. 'A big thank you goes to my good friend @maite_kelly and Götz von Sydow, who composed this wonderful song together in 2014, and of course to YOU,' writes Roland Kaiser about a photo that shows him and Maite with the golden plates in the hands shows.

The fans are enthusiastic and congratulate the two. 'This duet is one of the most beautiful German-language hits I know,' says the comments, among other things. And an attentive follower remembers them 70-year-old hit icon one more thing: '...and now, don't forget to keep the promise to Maite: She's going on tour in November 23 and hopefully there will be a 'surprise visit' to her concert'. There hasn't been an answer from Roland Kaiser so far, so the fans will have to be surprised next year.

December 12, 2022: Ross Anthony bans his husband from decorating at Christmas

  Ross Anthony bans his husband Paul from decorating at Christmas.
Ross Antony is in the absolute Christmas fever. © IMAGO/APress, IMAGO,

Flashy, colorful and filled with music - the Christmas season is like no other season. No wonder then that Ross Anthony (48) thrives on these holidays and plans everything down to the last detail. “It looks nicer here than at any Christmas market! I bought a lot of new decorations again this year,' reveals the entertainer in an interview with 'Closer'. Ross says his husband, Paul Reeves, thinks he's nuts, but 'when I'm done he's proud to acknowledge that our house is the most beautifully decorated on the street.' But even if there's a lot of work involved in the magic of Christmas , so only Ross alone has the say. His husband has a ban on decorating at home - and for a good reason: 'Of course he wanted to help decorate like last year - and he dropped two balls on the floor! He knows that I'm very special about these things and then he prefers to stay away,' admits the singer, adding: 'Paul is a great handyman and loves to renovate - but he doesn't have a knack for decoration.'

This year there are no less than twelve decorated Christmas trees at Ross and Paul's house - one of them even in pink. But the 48-year-old has another reason to be happy. 'We will celebrate together as a full family for the very first time in ten years - with my mum and Paul's parents in England' , says the native Briton. Because their two mothers had fallen out so far, there has never been a party in such a constellation. Well, nothing can stand in the way of an exuberant Christmas.

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