Anna Ermakova on 'Let's Dance': THIS is the next mega performance!

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Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Anna Ermakova dances in a different league

Madness Dance by Anna Ermakova and Valentin Lusin. And a remarkable 29-point rating from the jury in show 2!

A millennium baby should not be missing from the 'Born in...' show from 'Let's Dance'. Anna Ermakova (born 2000) and Valentin Lusin dance cha cha cha to 'Music' by Madonna. And even if the Latin dance is said not to fit into Anna's comfort zone, it is the third impressive performance in a row. In the video you can watch this great performance again.

The woman turns every 'Let's Dance' dance into an event

'So is it already the final today?', one might ask oneself as a viewer. And the jury also thinks they are in the wrong film, because in this only second show of 'Let's Dance' top dance performances are already being shown. Move Mabuse anyway is over the moon. She hailed superlatives for the beautiful Anna: 'I've never seen such beautiful footwork on 'Let's Dance',' says Motsi enthusiastically. And: ' You're dancing in a different league' . Her Point bar from the last show easily skips Anna and pulls with it also big dancing Phillip Boy even. 29 points. The madness!

  Anna and Valentin harmonize better and better on the dance floor
Anna and Valentin harmonize better and better on the dance floor © RTL

Mr. Llambi is once again responsible for the fly in the ointment

Anna and Valentin can't believe what they're hearing. They gladly accept the 29 points, even if one point is deducted by Joachim Llambi the maximum mark prevented. What was the criticism? He doesn't like Anna's head position. Oh I see!

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