Anna-Maria Zimmermann says goodbye to 'Schlager-Papa' Jürgen Drews


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  With a sweet post, Anna-Maria Zimmermann says goodbye to her"Schlager-Papa" Jürgen Drews.
Anna-Maria Zimmermann says goodbye to her 'Schlager-Papa' Jürgen Drews with a sweet post. © Instagram / amz_welt

After more than six decades in the limelight, Schlager has become an icon Jurgen Drews (77) actually ended his legendary career. But the 'King of Mallorca' has hardly got his last public stage performance graduated, he will be sorely missed by his colleagues. Anna-Maria Zimmermann (34) said goodbye to the singer on Instagram and dedicated a few touching lines to him.

Emotional farewell to Schlager icon Jürgen Drews

For many fans, the new year begins with a big farewell. Pop star Jürgen Drews made his very last public appearance on the TV show 'Der Große Schlagerabschied' with many beloved colleagues and friends. Not only in the show itself was it very emotional and tearful, even after the big farewell gala, there were touching words for the 77-year-old.

Pop singer Anna-Maria Zimmermann, who was also present that evening, posted a photo of herself, Mickie Krause and Jürgen Drews on her Instagram page – and found many loving words about it. 'Dear Jürgen, I still can't believe it...' she begins her message to the 'King of Mallorca'. 'You were actually always there... We will all miss you incredibly. Your loving nature, your care... You were a bit like a 'pop dad' to me. I loved watching you on stage. Your eyes sparkled every time!”

That's why Jürgen Drews ended his career

Jürgen Drews already announced the end of his career in the middle of last year. In recent interviews, he has repeatedly emphasized that now is the time to devote more time to his family. “Ramona is my whole purpose in life now. I want to follow you until my very last day. I can well imagine marrying her again because my love for her is endless. I would like to die in her arms at some point,' he revealed in an interview with 'Bild'. Also his daughter Joelina (27), with whom he sang an emotional duet that evening , is happy to be able to spend more time with her famous father from now on. 'I want to travel with him while he's still as fit as he is now. Like a cruise with mom and dad and my boyfriend together,' she told the newspaper. And Anna-Maria Zimmermann also wishes the Schlager star all the best for the future: 'Now you can pursue all your other dreams, hobbies and unfulfilled desires that you haven't had time for in recent years!'

In the video: Jürgen Drews gives his very last concert

  Jürgen Drews gives his very last concert

No chance of a return to the stage

There will be no return to the stage for Jürgen Drews. 'The chapter is closed for me. Uncle Jürgen is slowing down now. I think I deserve it too!” he said in an interview with “Bild”. But Anna-Maria is certain: Even if the curtain has fallen for the last time for the 'King of Mallorca', it will not be their last meeting. 'At some point, somewhere, somehow we'll see each other again,' writes the 34-year-old and hopes that they'll see each other again 'very quickly privately'. ( um )

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