Anne Wunsch has strong self-doubt – and even cancels an influencer event!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Anne Wunsch poses in front of a mirror
Anne Wunsch has days when she doesn't feel self-confident at all. © Instagram/ anne_wuensche

actually had Anne wishes (31) An exciting day planned. The former “Berlin – Day & Night” actress was invited to an event of a major cooperation partner in Berlin, to which other well-known influencers were also expected. Spontaneously canceled the new mom of three but the event came as a surprise. The reason: their fear of rejection and their feeling of inferiority.

Anne Wunsch feels unwell

'And there they are again, the fear of rejection and the feeling of inferiority,' Anne pours out her heart to her community in her Instagram story: 'So I'm canceling the event because I would feel like I was next to all the styled influencers I have an old wooden bread board next to a stack of gold-rimmed porcelain plates.” The influencer herself admits that she has no self-confidence – even if she wishes it were different. That is also the reason why there is unannounced radio silence on some days on their social media channel.

'I'll be very open and honest: I don't feel good at all in terms of self-esteem. Self-esteem is currently in the basement,' admits the 31-year-old. She didn't say anything for weeks and just didn't get in touch when she got worse again. But since she noticed that some of her followers also have the problem, she now wants to make her self-doubt public: 'I know how important it is to simply have an open ear in certain situations, to have someone who listens and helpful tips.'

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Anne Wunsch has figure frustration after giving birth

  Anne Wunsch has figure frustration after giving birth

Anne, who suffered from severe mood swings during her pregnancy, always struggles with self-doubt among other things, the excess baby pounds bothered her recently. 'Don't worry if your body doesn't look like most public mommies! It's NORMAL that everything is still wobbly and you don't fit into the old stuff,' she noted just a few weeks after the birth of baby Sávio in July.

But that is often easier said than done: 'Of course, my reflection in the mirror bothers me more often - especially now in summer! And I have to say to myself again and again: 'Anne, it's NORMAL! You gave birth less than a month ago!' But let's be HONEST: It's bloody hard to accept yourself like that, isn't it?' (dga)

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