Anne Wunsch is mad at influencers after Twenty4Tim's birthday party


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Anne Wunsch is angry at influencers
Anne Wunsch is angry at influencers © Anne Wunsch / Instagram

Anne wishes (31) is fed up: after an experience at the social media star's birthday party Twenty4Tim (22) she settles accounts with influencers. Your anger is great.

'Social Media ist so fake'

'I need to get something out there that upsets me so hardcore,' said the former 'Berlin - Day' -Actress Anne Wunsch in her Instagram story. At that time she was at the birthday party of Influencer Tim Kampmann alias Twenty4Tim , where also celebs like fitness blogger Sophia Thiel (27), Ex- Bachelor Andrej Mangold (35) and Ex Bachelorette Gerda Lewis (29) were guests. Apparently, Anne didn't notice much of that - and that's exactly her point of criticism.

'Half of the people who were here left again,' she reported live from the party. 'They take a selfie with Tim and then leave.' The hall in their video actually didn't look very crowded. The 31-year-old added: 'That's what I mean by social media is so fake!'

Still had a good time

But that wouldn't have been the fault of the host Twenty4Tim, says Anne: 'Nevertheless, it was a great evening, I had fun.' The Cologne influencer and the now a mother of three are good friends. In the near future, Anne Wunsch will even be seen in a new music video by him. She just shared a photo of herself in a white dress while filming with Twenty4Tim.

The former 'Berlin - Day & Night' actress and today's influencer is a few months ago become a mother for the third time . After two daughters is Sávio her first boy and the first child with her boyfriend Karim El Kammouchi (33). Anne keeps her more than a million followers on Instagram up to date about everyday life with her children. Most recently, her daughter Miley (9) was allowed to cut her hair .

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