Anne Wunsch: New Zoff with the Pochers – but this time it's cracking with Amira!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Anne Wunsch and Amira Pocher will probably no longer be friends in this life.
Anne Wunsch and Amira Pocher will probably no longer be friends in this life. © Instagram/ anne_wuensche; Instagram/ amirapocher

The history of Anne wishes (31) and the Pocher family is long – And apparently it's not over yet. if Amira Pocher (29) now vents her anger about questionable sweepstakes by influencers, the former “Berlin – Day & Night” actress feels addressed and counters promptly!

Amira Pocher appalled: 'Congratulations, new level reached.'

But first, let's start at the beginning. Amira has noticed that network stars have often wanted to give food vouchers to their followers lately. 'Have the new food vouchers actually become the new iPads of the influencers, or what's going on here?' She begins her Instagram story. What initially sounds like a good action seems to comedian's wife Oliver Pocher (44) but to question: 'First I thought: 'Wow, great, finally, they're starting to give away really meaningful things. Things that people need now and without anything in return. 'No, not all of them.' She observed that some influencers would turn it into a hidden competition. An absurdity for the mother of two, who does not approve of the fact that people's fears and needs are dealt with in this way: 'Congratulations, new level reached.'

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In fact, for many, the allocation works as follows: Several influencers join forces to “give away” said vouchers to their community. They present the profiles of their colleagues, pointing out how great the account is and that it is worth following that person. 'I have to say, cleverly done. Not even said it, you have to follow the other accounts to take part in the raffle for the three vouchers that you obviously can't afford on your own. No, they just wrote it and suggested it...' Amira states angrily.

In the video! Oliver Pocher and Anne Wunsch: A dispute escalates

  Oliver Pocher and Anne Wunsch: a dispute escalates

Anne Wunsch shoots against Amira Pocher

Amira did not mention Anne's name in this context, but she obviously feels addressed. Because she is one of the influencers who has already launched one or the other voucher raffle. “First of all, accepting criticism from a person who has generated most of her reach through her husband and by pointing fingers at others, looking for mistakes and posting them … I don’t necessarily have to,” counters the 31-year-old her profile. She assures that these actions were made 'from a good and pure heart'.

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'We didn't say anywhere that you have to follow us. I really just wanted to point out who is doing this action together and introduce these channels. That's all,' she clarifies: 'Of course we can afford the vouchers on our own, but that's not the point. We just wanted to start something together. I don't think that's reprehensible at all. I think we're not the ones looking for followers, I think you are, dear Amira.' (dga)

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