Anne Wunsch now wants to get started with OnlyFans - that's what her boyfriend thinks!


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 Anne wishes
Anne Wunsch likes to present herself sexy online. © Instagram

Anne wishes (31) likes to show up online from her sexy side – She has been criticized for this by Instagram users one or the other time. The influencer usually doesn't care much about the opinions of others and is now even going one step further. She now has a profile on OnlyFans!

Anne Wunsch announces that she will show even more at OnylFans

A keen fan spotted the former BTN actress' page and took the opportunity to follow up with an Instagram Q&A. 'I've actually only had the account since today,' Anne then reveals. A topic that the followers are of course very interested in – and so she then goes on to answer further questions. Among other things, she explains why she made the decision to join the platform, known for its revealing content, to register. “Those who have been following me for a long time know my revealing content. I've often posted revealing pictures of myself here and I'm not ashamed of it, ”clarifies the network awareness.

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She has been toying with the idea for a year and a half and has now dared to take the step – despite her manager's advice: 'I liked taking and posting such pictures of myself when I was 18.' In the future she will no longer share such snapshots on Instagram and thus clearly separating their content. She promises: 'One or the other picture may be a little more revealing.'

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This is how Anne Wunsch's partner reacted to her OnlyFans plans

Anne's friend Karim stays completely out of her social media activities - he's also very rarely seen on her page. No wonder many users are wondering what he thinks of the mother of three's OnlyFans career. 'I've always posted pictures like this. He knows me like that,” she reveals in conclusion. (dga)

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