Anne Wunsch reveals spicy details: She likes these sex toys!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Influencer Anne Wunsch looks seductive
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For many it is a taboo subject – Anne wishes (31) matters their sex life and preferences no secret though. It wasn't until the end of October that she revealed during a Q&A that she's currently having a lot of sex. And now she reveals which little helpers are welcome to use...

Anne Wunsch relies on handcuffs and the like.

The former BTN actress takes a cooperation as an opportunity to chat about the sewing box. On Instagram she tells which ones Sextoys she stands like this. For example, while she thinks massage sticks are “nice”, handcuffs are also welcome to be used in the house from time to time.

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In fact, it wasn't that long ago that Anne claimed she didn't know what to do with sex toys. The third pregnancy with son Sávio, who saw the light of day in July, would, however, have caused her to reconsider her attitude. She is now much more 'keen to experiment' than before.

Anne Wunsch was disappointed the first time she had sex after giving birth

 Anne Wunsch speaks openly about the consequences of pregnancy

In a YouTube video, the influencer already addressed sex after childbirth. While the pain wasn't the problem the first few times, she was struggling with something else. Because during pregnancy, the feeling during lovemaking was more intense, 'since everything is supplied with blood, you feel a lot more, you have more desire'.

It wasn't easy for Anne that things were suddenly different again. For them, passionate sex in a partnership is extremely important. 'For me it feels like I'm semi-deaf down there now. I really thought, after the third child, everything is broken down there now,” she admits honestly. A few weeks later she apparently got this frustrating 'little problem' under control again... (dga)

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