Anne Wunsch reveals: That's why her brother Steve went into hiding


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Anne Wunsch talks about her brother Steve.
Anne Wunsch explains to her fans why her brother went into hiding. © Anne Wunsch / Instagram

Has he gone into hiding? Fans of Anne Wunsch's brother Steve are worried: there has been no sign of life from him on Instagram for months. Anne herself now gives the all-clear: He's fine! He explains online “Berlin – Day & Night” star why her brother hasn't got in touch for so long.

fans concerned

  Steve Wunsch hasn't posted anything on his Instagram channel for months.
For months there has been silence on Steve Wunsch's Instagram channel – his fans are worried. © Instagram, Steve Wishes

On September 29, 2022, Steve Wunsch posted a video on Instagram for the last time - until today. That's why a lot of fans are starting to worry, 'Where are you???' They want content from Steve, who mostly posts comedy videos, again: 'I miss your stories!'

Some users even link to his sister, Anne Wunsch, and ask, 'Has Steve gone into hiding or emigrated?' About two months ago, Steve responded to his fans' questions with the comment, 'We're doing great.' Despite this, he hasn't released a new video to date.

His sister knows why

Now Anne has spoken up and calmed her fans down. She has only just met her brother: 'A lot of people always ask, because he doesn't post anything anymore, if everything is okay. Yes, everything is fine too. Also between us and yes he still works in the warehouse making the orders for glitter in his head. It's all cool, it's all right.'

Steve Wunsch apparently supports his sister with her online shop 'Glitzer im Kopf', through which she sells various decorative items, clothing and stationery. But why has it become so quiet on his Instagram channel now? The mom of three reveals to her fans: 'He just decided to stay out of the public eye a little bit more. So no more postings, more enjoying real life.”

Blended Family Happiness

So there's a little digital detox for Steve Wunsch - that's okay too! His sister Anne posts enough for both of them, she's only recently become special active on OnlyFans . And in July 2022 is their third child, son Savio was born, which she shares with her boyfriend, voice actor Karim El Kammouchi. The actress also has two daughters, Miley, 10, and Juna, 7, from previous relationships. In the meantime, the five have become a really sweet blended family! (you know)

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