Annemarie Carpendale inspires fans with transparent glitter pants: 'What a super hot outfit'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Screenshot from Annemarie Carpendale's Instagram story, where she poses with glittery pants.
Presenter Annemarie Carpendale takes her fans behind the scenes in her mask – and turns their heads with the outfit! ©

Annemarie Carpendale (45) has done it again: With a sexy outfit, she first poses in her Instagram story and then presents her look as a post in her feed. Her fans leave no doubt in the comments column how excited they are about it.

Annemarie Carpendale scores in transparent glitter pants

'Guys, look here: I dressed very heavily today,' Annemarie Carpendale joked on March 16 in her Instagram story. She takes her fans behind the scenes of her moderation job. In the video, the 45-year-old presents herself in transparent glitter pants and a black and white striped crop top. And remarks: 'I can't bring that. […] What do we do now?” Quite simply: pull on an oversized blazer! And the look is ready for the evening show.

  Screenshot from Annemarie Carpendale's Instagram story, showing herself in revealing glitter pants and black panties.
Variant one of her outfits, Annemarie Carpendale is a bit too revealing. But her fans are sure: 'You could have worn it too'! ©

In a post, Annemarie posts several photos that illuminate the beaming presenter from all angles. 'I feel disco,' she writes. And makes it clear how self-confident she feels in her glitter look. A great charisma, which of course her followers also notice. They write enthusiastic comments like 'You have a charisma, the photo is amazing, beautiful' and 'Oh my God... what a super hot outfit. Very nice again'!

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Suddenly no longer straight: Annemarie's hair also caused a storm of enthusiasm

But it's not just her outfit and her charisma that attract attention to Annemarie's fans: many are also enthusiastic about the moderator's wild curly mane. Because the 45-year-old usually wears her hair straight, the curls are the next eye-catcher. 'Curls look really good on you,' notes one user. And who knows: With so many enthusiastic comments, maybe Annemarie will soon decide on a similar look again. (cre)

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