Apache 207 and Udo Lindenberg release joint song 'Komet'


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 Apache 207 and Udo Lindenberg release joint song"Komet"
Udo Lindenberg (left) and Apache 207 have joined forces. © Tine Acke, SpotOn

Releases on January 19th

An unequal duo in the German music scene has teamed up: The rapper Apache 207 (25) and veteran Udo Lindenberg (76) stood together in the studio for the song 'Komet'. The unusual collaboration was released on Thursday evening (January 19).

For Apache 207, Udo Lindenberg is 'a role model'

How did this collaboration come about? 'It is the mutual respect for each other's art form that brought us together,' Lindenberg is quoted as saying in the press release. He immediately noticed Apache 207 because it would stand out from normal gangsta rap. 'Cool, clever boy, very flashed lyrics, trademark voice - and sings super-smoothly too.'

For Apache 207, whose real name is Volkan Yaman, Lindenberg is 'a legend of German music and a great role model for me, especially when it comes to his incredible career'. The rapper was allowed to visit Lindenberg on his tour in Mannheim last year, 'and he me on mine'. After that, the two put their heads together and the song 'Komet' was created. 'Our comet is a song about immortality, about the footprint we leave behind,' says the 76-year-old about the joint project. The song mixes a 'catchy guitar sound that occasionally hints at a solo' with a 'dance feeling that carries the entire duet,' the announcement says.

While Udo Lindenberg has been on the nation's stages for over 50 years and has celebrated numerous hits, Apache 207 is still relatively new to the business. The 25-year-old musician made his big breakthrough with his hit 'Roller' (2019), his debut album 'Treppenhaus' was awarded gold in 2020. The second record '2sad2disco' followed in 2021.

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