Are Selena Gomez and Chainsmokers singer Drew Taggart dating?


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 Are Selena Gomez and Chainsmokers singer Drew Taggart dating?
Is Drew Taggart the new man at Selena Gomez's side? © imago/MediaPunch / Featureflash Photo Agency/, SpotOn

Have 'a lot of fun'

Selena Gomez (30) is said to be newly in love. As 'Us Weekly' reports, the singer and actress is currently having 'a lot of fun' with Chainsmokers singer Andrew 'Drew' Taggart (33). Gomez 'can hardly keep her hands off him,' the industry portal quoted an insider as saying. The two have not yet officially confirmed a relationship. But they also wouldn't try to 'hide their romance by sneaking around in members-only clubs.' Instead, they show up together at bowling or in the cinema.

In December, an anonymous source told Entertainment Tonight that Selena Gomez was 'open to dating.' She looks 'positively' and 'optimistically' into the new year. The 30-year-old already expressed her desire for a partner on 'Saturday Night Live' in May. Among other things, she leads through the TV show because she is single, Gomez said at the time. Because she had heard that 'Saturday Night Live' was a 'great place' 'to find great love'.

Selena Gomez: 'I would take anyone'

'I just want to pass on to the universe that I believe in love. I'd love to say I'm looking for my soulmate - but at this point I'd take anyone,' Gomez quipped.

Since the separation from Justin Bieber (28) in 2018, apart from a brief romance with The Weeknd (32), Gomez's love life has become quiet.

Drew Taggart, on the other hand, only split from model Eve Jobs (24) four months ago. According to 'Us Weekly', the relationship between the musician and the youngest daughter of Steve Jobs (1955-2011) was 'completely amicable'. Taggart was previously in a relationship with models Meredith Mickelson (23) and Haley Rowe (31).

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