Are the Geissens misbehaving? Robert and Carmen get an announcement from the daughters


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 No manners? Carmen and Robert get an announcement

'Dad, stop your shit now!' – Yes, a sentence like that is also said in the Geiss family. In the new episode 'The Geissens - A terribly glamorous family' (see now on RTL+) to visit Carmen , Robert , Shania and Davina a special bar in London. But the daughters imagined the evening a little differently, because their parents are already totally silly even before the first cocktails. And that causes sighs, eye rolls - and even a little announcement to family head Robert! We show why the Geiss sisters are ashamed of their parents in the video above.

'One can already think that they took something'

While Carmen, Shania and Davina are already browsing the cocktail menu, someone is missing at the table: Robert Geiss doesn't sit down with his family, he slips into the role of the 'bodyguard' and prefers to 'protect' his women. Just a joke, of course, but the girls are still annoyed: 'Now sit down and stop standing around like a bodyguard!' When he then also sits down at the next table and calls Carmen from there, only one thing helps for the daughters: more sips of their drinks. In the interview, Davina can laugh about it: 'Mom and Dad are extremely embarrassed . You can tell they took something.'

At this point, the 19-year-old has no idea how the evening will end. After a few cocktails that even contain CBD, Mama Carmen is suddenly 'mega foggy' and quite drunk. We've really never seen the 57-year-old like this before. One thing is certain: none of the Geissens will soon forget this evening.

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After the visit to London, the Geissens go to Istanbul in the new episodes: Shania and Geiss should get an insight into the textile business here. The new episodes of “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family” will run on RTLZWEI on Monday, January 9th, 2023 from 8:15 p.m . You can already watch the fun on RTL+. Have fun! (for)

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