Arnold Schwarzenegger follows the Hahnenkamm descent in full costume


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 Arnold Schwarzenegger follows the Hahnenkamm descent in full costume
Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger really dressed up for the Hahnenkamm descent in Kitzbühel. © image/NTB, SpotOn

Along with other celebrities

'Terminator' star Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) visited the Hahnenkamm race in Austria on Saturday. The 75-year-old attended the traditional winter sports event in the grandstand in full costume, wore a loden jacket and a matching hat. He was accompanied by his daughter Christina, 31, and his girlfriend Heather Milligan.

In addition to the actor and his family, numerous other celebrities were there. Among them were folk music star Andreas Gabalier (38), pop singer DJ Ötzi (52) and model Barbara Meier (36). Ex-ski racer Lindsey Vonn (38) was also among the guests and even made a big appearance: she even managed the notorious Streif on Saturday evening herself.

Lindsey Vonn's wild ride

The 38-year-old ended her ski racing career after several injuries in February 2019, but strapped her skis under her feet again on Saturday. On Instagram she shared a video of her wild ride and was emotional: 'I did it! I drove the most difficult descent in the world – the Streif, at night,' Vonn wrote next to the post with the video.

'I've always wanted to ski with the men, but to be honest I wasn't sure if I could do it. This was one of the most exciting and dangerous projects of my life, but also the most rewarding,' she said happily. She has always had great respect for the men who do these downhill races, but after her own attempt she has 'even more respect'.

She dedicated the successful descent to her late mother, 'my guardian angel who watches over me'. Vonn continues: 'I know that she would have been proud.'

Schwarzenegger celebrates victorious Norwegian

Schwarzenegger should have been particularly pleased with Vonn's success in Kitzbühel, he had previously had a lively conversation with the US star. But he also celebrated the official winner of the Hahnenkamm Downhill: the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (30). When he crossed the finish line, he was exuberant and euphorically toasted the winner with his drink from the grandstand.

Kilde himself was 'speechless' afterwards on Instagram. It was 'an honor' for him to drive on this track. Lindsey Vonn also congratulated the Norwegian: 'What a great ride,' she wrote.

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