'Arrogance Fit' by King Charles! Prince William has to summon servants


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Prince William suffers royal arrogance attack

Some were amazed when the new king Charles III (73) made it clear to an employee during his proclamation on Saturday (September 10) that he had to kindly clear his writing utensils from the table. There is even talk of a real “arrogance attack” on the internet . Also Prince William (40) is not unaffected by this, shortly afterwards he has to summon the servant again and take the rap for his father's action in front of the live cameras. You can see the whole situation in the video above.

Down to earth or aloof?

  Prince William at the proclamation of King Charles III. The prince mourns the loss of his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.
Prince William had to deal with the uncomfortable situation after his father's appearance. © German Press Agency, Kirsty O'Connor

Was it really meant the way it came across? For the first time in history, the proclamation of a new king was broadcast live on television . Many viewers should not have missed the supposedly arrogant reaction of the new head of state.

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Unusual, especially since King Charles was very close to the people at Buckingham Palace , shook hands and even gave a kiss on the cheek.

In the video: Here's how Queen Camilla reacted to her husband's ways

  After King Charles' arrogance attack: THIS is how Camilla reacts!

Even Camilla rolls her eyes

The reactions via social media were not long in coming: 'He has been useless since birth,' a user on Twitter blurted out after the proclamation. 'Behaviour costs nothing,' writes another. At the same time, there is also understanding for the behavior of the new king: 'I think that's unfair. I saw it live [...]. He just didn't want to spill any ink.”

Interesting: Even Charles's wife Camilla rolls her eyes, but it's unclear why she's doing it. Is she ashamed of her husband? Or does it annoy you too that the employee wasn't there quickly enough? (vne)

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