Artificial intelligence gone astray: Three facts about the horror hit 'M3gan'


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  Artificial intelligence gone astray: three facts about the horror hit"M3gan"
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The horror film 'M3gan' has been in cinemas in selected countries since January 5th. On January 12, the film will finally be released in Germany. And the anticipation is great: the official English trailer has been clicked over 24 million times on YouTube. Individual scenes have already gone viral on social media and the film was able to impress at the box office in its first weekend - it grossed over 30 million dollars in the USA alone. Exciting facts about the horror hit can be found here.

Eight-year-old Cady (Violet McGraw, 11) loses her parents in a car accident. Her aunt Gemma (Allison Williams, 34), who is considered a brilliant scientist, now takes responsibility. Gemma's company has developed a high-tech doll that works with artificial intelligence. It is set to become the next bestseller in the toy industry. To ease Cady's loneliness, Gemma takes home the prototype M3gan doll (Amie Donald). The girl quickly becomes friends with the toy - but the tide is turning. M3gan suddenly develops her own consciousness and quickly becomes a threat to those around her.

Is there a sequel coming soon?

'M3gan' has already convinced numerous moviegoers. And director Gerard Johnstone is also proud of his work. So it's no wonder that he can well imagine a sequel. 'We still had so many ideas and facets of M3gan's personality that we wanted to develop,' he told Variety. He would 'love' to do a sequel. And preferably as soon as possible, 'while it's fresh and in everyone's minds'.

M3gan is an LGBTQ+ icon

When the first trailer was released in October 2022, it was clear to many members of the LGBTQ+ community: M3gan has what it takes to become an icon. Queer people in particular celebrate the killer doll on social media. A TikTok user shared a viral video showing the theater's reaction to M3gan's iconic dance scene. The funny clip with the screaming audience already has over a million views.

But the creators also have other theories as to why 'M3gan' is so popular, especially in the queer community. As reported by Comic Book Resources, screenwriter Akela Cooper (43) recently addressed the issue: 'I actually asked one of my gay friends about it and he said the story is about a found family. This girl lost her family, 'She has to live with her aunt now. Then this doll comes into her life. A lot of people in the gay community can relate to that, to the concept of 'finding' a family.'

'M3gan' should be even more 'bloody'.

In the USA 'M3gan' is approved for ages 13 and over, in Germany young adults aged 16 and over can see the film. For a horror film, these are extremely promising ratings. Normally there is horror fun in Germany only from the age of 18. But the low age limit has a reason: After the trailer was particularly well received by teenagers, the film distributor Universal Studios is said to have decided to show a less brutal cut in the cinemas. 'There was supposed to be an uncensored version at some point... I heard it's in the works,' Akela Cooper told the Los Angeles Times. The original version of 'M3gan' was much 'bloody'.

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