Ashley Graham celebrates her twins' 1st birthday with intimate still photos


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  Ashley Graham and her twin boys
Ashley Graham is celebrating her twin boys' first birthday with great joy - and a dose of nostalgia. © Instagram, /ashleygraham

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  • Ashley Graham celebrates her twin boys' 1st birthday with throwback photo
  • Rock star Billy Idol appears as a loving grandpa on the Walk of Fame

Jan. 8: Ashley Graham celebrates her twin boys' 1st birthday with throwback photo

  Ashley Graham breastfeeds her twins simultaneously
Ashley Graham looks back on those intimate moments with a little nostalgia. © Instagram, /ashleygraham

'What do I miss these moments,' writes Curvy Model Ashley Graham (35) in her Insta story about the photo that shows her simultaneously breastfeeding her twin boys Malachi and Roman. The photo is a few months old. For her baby's first birthday, the famous mom dug up the photos again – and became sentimental: 'I can't believe how quickly the year went by!'

A year ago, the model gave birth to her twins and has been taking her almost twenty million Insta followers with her on her journey as a mom ever since. In 2020 she and her husband Justin Ervin (34) became parents of a son. Isaac Menelik Giovanni was also born in January . The 35-year-old makes no secret of the fact that it would be even more strenuous with twins and advertises more reality on Instagram. The mother of three presented herself as exhausted when breastfeeding her baby boys at the same time . But as exhausted as she is sometimes, she is so happy with her little family! 'A year ago,' she writes about another photo that shows her happily breastfeeding.

On the social media platform, she shares sweet insights into her family life on the occasion of her twins' first day of honor. On the breakfast table are two of the little boys' bibs with 'I'm 1 year old today' written on them. By the way, we didn't eat Mama's milk for dinner, but small plucked pancakes. The room was decorated with a large helium balloon in the shape of a 1 and three animals: a monkey, a giraffe and an elephant. And two small cakes were also waiting for the birthday children. Mom is busy collecting new memories, which she will probably look back on sentimentally next year.

January 7: Rock star grandpa Billy Idol immortalized on the 'Walk of Fame'.

  Billy Idol celebrates
Rock icon Billy Idol has now been honored with a star on the famous 'Walk of Fame'. © IMAGO/UPI Photo, IMAGO/JIM RUYMEN,

It's his big moment! After 47 years in show business, the 'Hollywood Chamber of Commerce', i.e. the chamber of commerce of the dream factory, finally unveils the 2743rd star on the famous promenade in Los Angeles. HIS star! Billy Idol (67) became one of the first big MTV stars and a true rock icon with punk songs like 'Rebel Yell' (1983) or 'White Wedding' (1982). That he hasn't lost his punk image for a long time , he showed at the ceremony not only with his blond signature hairstyle and black leather jacket - in the old rocker manner he raised his clenched fist in the air and twisted his face into a cool grimace.

But there's also the other Billy idol he publicly flaunts - the loving father and kind grandpa's side: 'I want to thank my family, my children and my grandchildren,' he says in loving words to his loved ones who have given him to this one accompanied the event. Billy is the father of son Willem (34) and daughter Bonnie (33) and already has two grandfathers. He often shows up on Instagram with his granddaughter Poppy. 'That's another thing that I've built here in Los Angeles: my family,' the rocker proudly explains. 'I came here consciously to have children and the fruits of that are here today.'

He never expected such an honor when he started his British punk band 'Generation X' in the mid-70s. 'There wasn't much hope back then,' he says, looking back on his early days. ' We decided if there is no future , let's just do what we love and that's what I did.” With the wonderful result that Billy Idol is now a rock star and a loving family man. So everything went well in his future.

January 6, 2023: Katie Price sells off her ex's clothes

  Kate Price
Really now? Katie Price sells off ex-boyfriend Carl Woods' clothes © action press, ActionPress

2019 became Kate Price (44) declared bankrupt by a British court - after she was previously worth an estimated 47 million euros! Those days are over. Katie is now due to appear in a hearing before London's Royal Courts of Justice on February 9, 2023. The British 'bosom miracle' has insolvency debts equivalent to around 3.6 million euros. So it's no wonder that the 44-year-old needs to raise money as quickly as possible. As early as December 2022, she sold her own wardrobe on the second-hand platform 'Depop'. . Now the clothes of ex-boyfriend Carl Woods (33) have to believe it. Recently, the mother of five put in a men's shirt from the luxury brand 'Burberry' for a mere 57 euros. According to the item description, the worn shirt is in good condition, but two buttons are missing. Well, will she get the millions she needs at such prices?

Here's how BTS star Jin fares in the military

  For the military, BTS star Jin parted with his beloved mane.
For the military, BTS star Jin parted with his beloved mane. © picture alliance / YONHAPNEWS AGENCY

In December, things got serious for Jin (30), who became world famous through the band BTS! The singer began his military service – it is mandatory for all young South Korean men who are able to work. After five weeks of training, the 30-year-old is scheduled to join a front-line unit. A message that scared the fans.

A few weeks after his start in the military, the management on Twitter is now a first update and assures that the musician is doing well. 'Jin is currently stationed at a training center with regular military personnel,' read the statement released by BigHit Music. He 'responsibly fulfills his duties in the training camp' and uses the time to settle in and learn the rules and regulations.

January 5, 2023: After a serious accident, Jeremy Renner enjoys a recovery massage

There are happy updates from The Avengers star Jeremy Renner (51). On New Year's Day, the actor had one very serious accident with a snow plow . The injuries: worrying. His torso was crushed, the right side of his chest collapsed, and his head bled profusely. This update from him is all the more surprising now: He can joke around again! With a video greeting from the hospital, he shows his fans that he is currently being lovingly cared for by his family. Of course, this also includes an extensive head massage - personally from the sister heart. Yes, with the family at your side you get fit again the quickest. We wish you a speedy recovery too!

  Seriously injured Jeremy Renner gets a head massage

January 5, 2023: Taylor Swift's cat 'Olivia Benson' is the third richest pet in the world

No joke: Taylor Swifts (33 ) Katzen is an actress and influencer – and according to the latest calculations has a bank balance of 97 million dollars. The cat fan platform All About Cats has released the Pet Rich List of the world's wealthiest and most influential pets. The pop star kitty named Olivia Benson took third place. Only two four-legged friends are wealthier: 'Nala Cat' (asset: 100 million dollars) and German Shepherd Gunther VI. (Balance: $500 million!). It is not known who the owners of the two very rich pets are.

Taylor's dazed-eyed white-and-beige cat has made her fortune on her own -- under the watchful eye of her famous owner, it's said. For example, Olivia was a feature in Taylor's music video for 'Blank Space,' which appeared in an Instagram photo posted by Taylor's then-boyfriend Calvin Harris (38) and is seen on a couch at the beginning of the music video for Taylor's 2019 single 'ME!'

The singer has a total of three furry friends: tomcat Benjamin Button (named after the Brad Pitt film of the same name), Meredith Gray (after the TV doctor from 'Grey's Anatomy') and gorgeous kitty Olivia Benson (named after a police officer from the series). 'Law & Order').

January 4, 2023: Baby bump update from the Zuckerberg family

have in September Mark Zuckerberg (38) and his wife Priscilla Chan (37) let the big baby bomb burst on Instagram: The Facebook founder and the pediatrician are expecting their third child together . For the new year, the social media billionaire gives his ten million followers a sweet insight into his private life as a father.

'Happy New Year,' he writes about the two photos, adding: 'To all the adventures and love that will come in 2023.' In the first photo he can be seen with his pregnant partner and puts his hand on her baby bump. The 37-year-old beams at the camera in her glittering sequined dress. Mark and Priscilla are already parents to two young daughters : August (5) and Maxima (7), called Max. 'We are happy to announce that August and Max are expecting a baby sister in the coming year,' they wrote on Instagram in September.

A second photo shows a snapshot that was obviously taken before the couple photo. On this one, Mark gets help putting on his shirt from one of his daughters, who fastens a sleeve button on his shirt. The family lives in Palo Alto, California . The couple recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. Their love story started almost twenty years ago when they started dating in 2003.

Extensions and coloring have left their mark

  Kim Kardashian at an event in Los Angeles
Kim Kardashian often changes her hair color, which her hair does not seem to forgive her © Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

Kim Kardashian (42) is known for her elaborate looks and changing hairstyles. But years of hair coloring and constant use of extensions have left their mark on the reality star. In a video that daughter North (9) published on TikTok, Kim is seen with her 'real' hair again after a very long time. The existing approach shows that the hair of the 42-year-old is still bleached. Probably a 'holdover' from her look for last year's Met Gala. Back then, her hair was bleached in a 14-hour (!) long procedure to get Marylin Monroe's legendary platinum mane.

But compared to her glamorous looks, her own head of hair not only looks very dull and broken, but also extremely thinned out. Your fans are shocked - especially about the extreme hair loss. 'She literally had the prettiest, silkiest black hair ever,' reads one of the comments. Another wrote: 'Kimberly's hair must be exhausted from the constant bleaching!' Hopefully Kim will listen to her fans and give her hair a break - I wish they would.

  Kim Kardashian has almost no hair left!

January 3: Robbie Williams: His daughter suffers from dyslexia

  ARCHIVE - December 5th, 2019, Hamburg: The singer Robbie Williams is on the stage in the Kehrwieder Theater. Williams has once again revealed himself to be a fan of Liverpool manager J. Klopp. 'He's my heartthrob. I love him a bit, »said the Briton
Singer Robbie Williams © dpa, Georg Wendt, gwe kno sab

Robbie Williams (48) said in an interview with 'Galore' that his Daughter Theodora (10), called Teddy , lost a friend almost overnight. The reason: her dyslexia. 'Teddy was devastated and completely devastated.' But dad Robbie has the right advice for his eldest daughter. 'I tried to make her understand that sometimes you have to and should let people go - but without sacrificing your own self-esteem in the process,' the singer said in an interview. “This girl didn't show her love and friendship. I speak from experience.'

Robbie Williams has apparently lost people he actually considered friends. He has been with the actress since 2010 Ayda Field (43) married and has four children with her: Theodora, Charlie (8), Coco (4) and Beau (2) . His eldest was recently diagnosed with the same diagnosis her famous father was given: dyslexia, simply put: a reduced ability to read and understand written text. This is exactly what Teddy's girlfriend seems to have had a problem with. “I had to explain to her what dyslexia is, what it means to people, how to deal with it. And that you are not automatically stupid if you suffer from it.”

Robbie himself only made his restriction public in 2020. In his childhood and adolescence, this diagnosis was not even known, which certainly did not make it easy for young Robbie. He mainly suffers from 'numerical' dyslexia, so he has problems with numbers and with adding and subtracting. 'I can't even remember our house number in Los Angeles,' he now reveals. 'It consists of four digits at the beginning of our address and I just can't remember it.' He also suffers from ADHD, depression and social anxiety, as he explained in an emotional speech just last summer .

  Robbie Williams' daughter Teddy shows her singing talent

January 2: Fans are horrified - leaderboard without YOU

Aretha Franklin (†76) is the biggest! At least when it comes to the well-known industry journal 'The Rolling Stone'. That just compiled an updated list of the best singers of all time. 'These are the vocal wonders that have shaped our history and defined our lives,' writes the magazine. Michael Jackson († 50) made it to Toni Braxton (55), Elton John (75) and also younger talents like Taylor Swift (33), Billie Eilish (21) or King's wool (36). Of course you can too Mariah Carey (52) and Whitney Houston († 48) are not missing, who landed in 5th and 2nd place respectively. Together they form the so-called 'Vocal Trinity' for many.

Celine Dion (54) is the third in the group. And that, of all things, was omitted from the magazine. There were 200 places to be awarded, but none was enough for the music experts for the woman who delivered one of the greatest ballads of the 90s with the 'Titanic' hit 'My Heart Will Go On'. With over 300 million records sold, she is one of the most successful singers ever. The industry magazine 'Billboard' once named the 54-year-old 'Queen of Adult Pop'. She has won five Grammys, including one for Album of the Year in 1997.

Fans of the octave miracle are now expressing their horror, anger and disappointment at the list of vocal superstars – without their idol. Sure, such a list always carries the risk that some people feel offended. But letting Celine Dion out comes as a surprise indeed. 'Remember that this is the list of the greatest singers, not the list of the greatest voices,' writes the magazine. 'Talent is impressive, genius is transcendent.' Céline did not comment on the leaderboard. The mother of three children has only announced with tears a few weeks ago that they have a rare autoimmune disease called Stiff Person Syndrome , suffer. She therefore had to partially cancel her upcoming European tour.

  Celine Dion is terminally ill

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