Ashley Graham: No more children after the twins


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 Ashley Graham: No more children after the twins
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Ashley Graham's husband got a vasectomy after the couple welcomed twins in 2022.

The 35-year-old model gave birth to twins Malachi and Roman in January last year and has now revealed that her husband Justin Ervin subsequently underwent a vasectomy.

Speaking on the 'Milk Drunk by Bobbie' podcast, Ashley - who also has son Isaac, 3, with the cameraman - said: 'We're in full vasectomy mode, he's shooting blanks now. Thank God I don't have to take a pill.” The brunette beauty described the process of a vasectomy as “the easiest thing” for men. Ashley also spoke about Justin's recovery from surgery, saying: 'Justin went shopping with me right after that, he wasn't in bed. He just chilled it.”

Additionally, Ashley previously likened raising her children and managing her career to 'running a marathon every day.' The model, who married Justin in 2010, admitted finding the ideal work-life balance can be difficult. Speaking of her morning routine, Ashley said: 'I brush my teeth and go downstairs to make coffee and if I'm hungry I eat fruit or something light. Then I make my three year old's oatmeal. He's obsessed. He even eats them dry - he calls it 'little oats' and then cooked oats are 'big oats'. So I make sure I have one bowl cooked and another dry because I don't know what mood he'll wake up in. Then, while the twins are still asleep, I try to do some stretching to warm up my body for the day, because managing three kids and working is basically like running a marathon every day. At seven o'clock I'm down to my second cup of coffee.'

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