At the funeral procession for the Queen: Royal employees collapsed


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Queen staff in front of Buckingham Palace
A Queen employee collapses in front of Buckingham Palace. © Getty Images

It is probably the blackest day in the life of the royals, the British and companions of Queen Elizabeth II. (1926 – 2022). Monday September 19, 2022 is the Record monarch was bid farewell at a dignified funeral service before being laid to rest at Windsor Castle . A number of people paid their last respects live on site in the church or along the procession route - including the Queen's former staff. One of them apparently felt grief going to his head, he collapsed in front of the cameras.

Royal employee collapses

Pictures show the member of the Royal Household lying on the ground in front of Buckingham Palace, employees are running around frantically, calling for help. A woman and a man take care of the collapsed man.

The middle-class employees of the 'company', i.e. the royal family, positioned themselves in front of the gates of their workplace just in time for the procession to salute the passing coffin of their former boss one last time. It's her way of giving the Queen a proper farewell. Standing up straight for a long time may have been fatal for some of them, after all, the circulation can go crazy with such waiting times.

In the video: Goodbye, Queen Elizabeth! So long was the queue for the public farewell

 Goodbye Queen Elizabeth! That's how long the queue was

Incidentally, people had repeatedly fallen over on the Queen's coffin in the past few days. Both bodyguards at the laying out in Westminster Hall and police officers at processions had to stand still for hours. There were also medical incidents in the queue in front of the farewell location. About a thousand people were treated and some were hospitalized. (cch)

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