Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona: That's why the doctors canceled her plastic surgeries


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 Kerry Katona's scheduled surgeries have all been cancelled.
Kerry Katona tried to go under the knife again in January. © BANG Showbiz

Kerry Katona (42) is devastated. In January, the former ' Atomic Kitten '-singer under the knife again, but the planned procedures were canceled to her disappointment. 'I cried my eyes out,' she writes in her column, explaining why the cancellation is so frustrating.

Kerry Katona has been preparing for her plastic surgery for a long time

Kerry Katona has put on quite a bit of weight over the past few months. For her upcoming wedding this year, the 42-year-old wants to lose a whopping 20 kilograms. But not only the pounds should tumble. In January, the singer wanted to go under the knife again. After a botched tummy tuck she was very 'unhappy' and looked like a 'flat package from Ikea'. However, the intervention did not take place, as she writes in her column for the 'new!' magazine. 'I was preparing for corrective surgery on my abdomen as well as an eyelid lift, but unfortunately my surgery has been cancelled.'

The mother-of-five had taken a month off her schedule to recover from the effects of corrective surgery on her abdomen, but doctors canceled the procedure because of her previous illness. 'The doctor saw from my notes that I was taking antibiotics and that's why I couldn't have the surgery because they have to be 100% sure I'm fine. I cried my eyes out - I'm at home, so I canceled all my work for weeks. But fair play for them to think of my health first. I am grateful for that.”

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Kerry Katona wants to make up for the surgery as soon as possible

The former 'Atomic Kitten' singer added that she is now worried about re-arranging the surgery due to her workload. 'I'm disappointed because I've prepared. I'll be going for an x-ray and blood test soon to make sure everything is okay to proceed with the procedures. The problem is my workload so I have to work around that as well and find a new date,' she explained.

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