Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona wants to lose 40 pounds for her dream wedding


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Atomic Kitten"-Star Kerry Katona will ihre alte Figur zurück.
Here's what 'Atomic Kitten' star Kerry Katona looked like before she gained weight. © Mandatory Credit: Tony Clark/, TCAA/ZDS

Kerry Katona (42) stand mit „Atomic Kitten“ years in the spotlight. After the singer finally left the girl band for the second and final time in 2017, a lot has changed for her - especially her body. In the last few months, the Briton has gained around 16 kilograms and is hardly recognizable. But the pounds should now be on the collar for a very specific reason.

Kerry Katona wants her old figure back for her dream wedding

Three long years after its inception, the song 'Whole Again' topped the UK charts in 2001, propelling 'Atomic Kitten' to worldwide fame. One of the founding members was Karry Katona, who most probably remember as a petite blonde. But the appearance of the 42-year-old has changed over the years and after the birth of five children. 'I've gained about 30 pounds and am now a size 14 and that makes me very unhappy,' the singer told Closer in November. 'I'm very uncomfortable in my own skin right now. No matter how healthy I am or how hard I train, I just don't lose weight. It doesn't even feel like I'm in my own body anymore,' she said at the time, even admitting, 'I look in the mirror and I cry every day!'

But that should change in the new year, because the singer wants to say yes to her fiancé Ryan Mahoney in 2023 and under no circumstances does she want to get married like this. 'I hate the way I look right now and I refuse to walk down the aisle looking like this,' she told New Magazine. 'I have to get back in shape before we get married!' But not only the pounds should tumble, Kerry also wants to go under the knife again in January. After a botched tummy tuck she was very 'unhappy' and looked like a 'flat package from Ikea'.

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Kerry Katona would even go to boot camp for weight loss

In order to become the 'best version of herself' again, Kerry wants to give everything in the coming months. 'I want to eat well again, stop eating junk food, do lots of yoga and meditation, and train again with my fitness brand M-Fit. I'm also considering going to boot camp at some point,' the singer revealed recently released her third autobiography. Her big goal is to lose around 20 kilos in the coming year so that she can say yes to her loved one. ( um )

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